Kids get special visit from Weasley twins from Harry Potter series

SAN FRANCISCO -- Some of the magic from Harry Potter became real for some lucky kids in San Francisco on Friday.

They had a visit from two actors popularly known as the Weasley twins.

James and Oliver Phelps play the older twin brothers of Harry Potter's best friend, Ron Weasley.

The kids were the guests of the Lefty O'Doul's Foundation, which raises money for children's programs.

And on Friday, they could have been described as spell-bound.

"I suppose the main thing people ask is what's it like to be in the movies. What spells would you recommend trying out, stuff like that you know," Oliver Phelps said.

"It really means a lot to us to be here and we actually came in a few days earlier to do this, so it means a lot to us," said James Phelps.

The kids collected autographs, selfies, and some priceless advice on wizarding.
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