Lake Bluff mom leads viral virtual kindergarten class

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Lake Bluff mom leads viral virtual kindergarten class
As schools and daycares close due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, parents must scramble to create structure and find educational resources for their kids. A Lake Bluff mom is helping fill the void.

LAKE BLUFF, Ill. (WLS) -- School closings have some parents scrambling for educational resources and a routine for their kids. One Lake Bluff mom has stepped up to help all those parents suddenly finding themselves homeschooling.

Megan Jessen is a former kindergarten teacher and mother of two who's setting the internet abuzz, all because she's trying to provide structure and education in a very unique way during these difficult times.

"When I first heard that all the schools were going to be closing down, I was first thinking, 'How can I create a little more stability in my girls' lives?' because I'm a huge proponent on structure and routine," she said. "I asked a few friends if they'd be interested, if I put it on Facebook if they would want to tune in, and we're almost at 27,000 (viewers) in four days."

Jessen recreates the morning meetings that typically start off the day in preschool and kindergarten classrooms.

"Some people call it circle time," she said.

Jessen - or "Miss Megan," as she's known to her virtual students - leads the kids through letter naming and sounding, takes a look at the calendar with them, reads some books and sings.

"From what I'm getting back from the feedback, they are loving having some sort of structure in their day for their kids and for themselves as well," Jessen said of parents' commentary. "Some parents are to get a couple work emails out, while they're getting something educational."

Social networks aren't always the friendliest, most positive spaces, but Jessen said she hasn't received a single negative comment.

"I just feel like that speaks volumes for us all coming together as parents and children and educators and kind of working together to through this... this weird time," she said. "I'm just an everyday mom just trying to get through my life and help some people out along the way."

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