Gardening tips: When to plant tulips, fall lawn care as Chicago weather gets colder, wetter

'I was thanking the rain gods,' says Chalet Nursery & Garden Center horticulturist

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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Tips on how to take care of your lawn as weather gets colder, wetter
A Chalet Nursery & Garden Center horticulture specialist shared tips on how to take care of lawns and plants as the weather gets colder and wetter.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Jennifer Brennan, a horticulturist at Chalet Nursery & Garden Center, shared her tips for lawn care during the fall season.

She said the rain has been helping lawns and shrubs in the Chicago area, adding that many trees and shrubs would be lost without it.

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"This is the best thing that could be happening for our lawns, our trees, our shrubs and it's spaced beautifully," Brennan said of the recent rainfall. "I was thanking the rain gods for it."

Brennan said she has already planted her tulips for the season, adding that the rain will wash fertilizer into the roots.

"This is the perfect time," Brennan said.

She encouraged viewers to water their lawns three times per week at this time in the year if the area is not getting enough rain.