Baby recovering well after Gary shooting nearly claimed his life

GARY, Ind (WLS) -- A 1-year-old boy is showing few of the effects of the shooting that nearly took his life on a street corner in Gary a week and a half ago.

Emarie Bonner said the bullet that hit her 1-year-old son in the stomach missed his major organs.

"We just heard shooting and got on the ground," she said. "He wasn't crying, so we didn't know he was shot."

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Ten days after the shooting, Demontae Hines Jr. is on the mend and acting like any normal, curious, little boy. But while celebrating his survival, his family is also demanding justice.

Demontae was playing with two cousins with their 19-year-old cousin watching them when a gunman approached and started shooting. He fired at least 10 rounds, hitting Demontae and his older cousin.

Community activist Andrew Holmes visited him on Thursday, bringing gifts for the boy and a message for the gunman.

"It took an individual to discharge that weapon," Holmes said. "We could have been laying this baby down. Instead we are lifting him up."

"I don't know where people think shooting is ok, but shooting at innocent kids? No," said Schavon Bonner, his grandmother. "I hope anybody that know anything do the do the right thing."

His mother said Demontae seems like he is back to normal and for that she's grateful. But for her, the ordeal has been incredibly difficult.

Demontae's 19-year-old cousin, who was also shot, spent more than a week in the hospital. He was released Wednesday. His family said they expect him to make a full recovery.

Police have only a broad description of the suspect. So far, no one is in custody.
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