Estranged wife of accused Gilgo Beach serial killer says he's 'not capable' of crimes: lawyer

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Thursday, March 14, 2024
Estranged wife of Gilgo Beach suspect says he's not capable of murders: Lawyer
The wife of accused Gilgo Beach serial killer stated, via her lawyer, that she does not believe he's capable of the alleged crimes.

The wife of accused Gilgo Beach serial killer is speaking out months after he was arrested in connection to the deaths of the so-called "Gilgo Four."

Asa Ellerup, who filed to divorce Rex Heuermann just days after his July 2023 arrest, released a statement Wednesday through her attorney saying she "still maintains that Rex is not capable of the crime he is accused of."

"I will listen to all of the evidence and withhold judgment until the end of the trial," the statement continued. "I have given him the benefit of the doubt, as we all deserve."

Heuermann has been charged in the deaths of four sex workers, whose remains were covered in burlap along the desolate Ocean Parkway near Gilgo Beach.

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Prosecutors laid out how Heuermann, an architect, would use burner phones to arrange meeting with sex workers he found online.

Ultimately, they matched familial DNA to a pizza crust he'd thrown in a trash can near his Midtown Manhattan office.

Ellerup, who was married to Heuermann for 27 years, expressed sympathy for the victims and their families, stating "nobody deserves to die in that manner."

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After the discoveries of the four victims linked to Heuermann, search teams ultimately found the remains of six other people.

Heuermann is charged only with four killings.

An investigative taskforce is still trying to solve those other six cases.

Earlier this year, prosecutors released a slew of new evidence related to Heuermann's case, including travel records showing Heuermann's family leaving town during the alleged murders, the suspect's illicit online searches and investigators' attempts to secure DNA evidence from his daughter.