Community mentors give out 'Lov Day' gifts to young girls in Chicago

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Students at Randolph Elementary School in Englewood received a special gift this Valentine's Day.

The Ladies of Virtue, who mentor young Black girls across the Chicagoland area, created "Lov Day" to inspire and ensure young Black women feel seen, heard and loved.

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"We want to show our girls that we truly appreciate them, that they are beautiful inside and out and that we were thinking about them," said Jamila Trimuel, founder of Ladies of Virtue. "Because often times, we find that our girls have had feelings of depression, they've had feelings of isolation, feelings of rejection, sometimes by even parents."

Aale'yah Ware, who is in sixth grade, shared her appreciation for the event.

"It's awesome actually because if they have problems at home or they don't feel like good about themselves, the whole organization can make them feel like they are wanted and like someone loves them," Ware said.

The organization delivered 150 "Lov" boxes not just to Randolph, but also to North Lawndale, Austin, near West and Brownsville. It was a labor of love that started over the weekend. On Saturday, volunteers packed hundreds of these boxes to give to the girls. Each box was filled with a teddy bear, candy, hair care products, PPE and Black history facts.

"Black girls in schools around the country typically have the highest suspension rate, highest disciplinary rates, some of the lowest teen employment rates in comparison to their peers," Trimuel said.

Lov Day is a way to celebrate Black History Month and spread love on Valentine's Day, the founder said.

"You're here for a reason. There's a purpose in your life and often times when you go through traumatic situations, you don't feel that way," Trimuel said. "But when you're surprised and someone shows that they care, it allows that young person to say you know, I am here and cared for, somebody does think about me."
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