Budget-friendly guide to healthy meal planning as inflation rates climb

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Saturday, April 2, 2022
Budget-friendly guide to meal planning as inflation rates climb
Here's a budget-friendly guide to healthy meal planning ideas and grocery store shopping as 2022 inflation rates climb.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- As inflation rates climb to record highs, a trip to the grocery store can run up quite a hefty bill, especially if you have a family.

If you're wondering when prices will drop, the answer is: probably not any time soon. In fact, experts say food prices are expected to rise even higher in the coming months. The United States Department of Agriculture released its food price outlook for 2022, which predicts customers could spend as much as 4% more for groceries by the end of the year.

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Eating out is also expected to get more expensive. The USDA predicts restaurant prices will increase between 5.5% and 6.5% this year, which means more people may opt for cooking at home.

Gunce Arkan is the co-founder of OmieLife, a company that makes kid-friendly containers for and packing meals. She shares some helpful methods for crafting healthy home-cooked meals on a budget.