Heart and Soul August 2015

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

CHICAGO (WLS) -- ABC 7's HEART & SOUL, a series of specials that taps into Chicago's vibrant African American community. This edition of HEART & SOUL is hosted by ABC 7 Eyewitness Anchor Hosea Sanders with Jim Rose, Leah Hope and Terrell Brown contributing.

Chicago Jazz Philharmonic

Orbert Davis is a classically-trained trumpet player who has enjoyed a successful performance and recording career. Now, he is shaking up the music world by combining two genres of music he loves so much... jazz -and- classical. He does this with the group he helped to found... the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic. It's a 60-person orchestra that plays a hybrid of both types of music. Along with honing this new style of music... Davis is passionate about spreading Jazz to Chicago's kids. He does this with Jazz Alive... a program he takes to 14 CPS schools... many in under served communities. Each year, he also hosts a Jazz camp for some of the best and brightest young jazz players in Chicago.

Chicago Jazz Philharmonic

1111 N. Wells St.

Chicago, IL 60610



Blue 1647

Chicago boasts 70 incubators... or launch pads for start-up companies... but Blue 1647 wanted to be different, they've set up in neighborhoods you might not think about, when you think tech start-ups... communities like Pilsen and Englewood. Blue 1647 also prides itself on the importance of having kids learning about tech, right alongside the entrepreneurs working on their businesses. The entrepreneurs help to foster the next generation of techies.... And the students get a unique chance to help work in the real business world.

Blue 1647

1647 S. Blue Island Ave.

Chicago, IL 60608





The CHAMPS Program founded by Assistant Principal Vondale Singleton was started to motivate and empower, educate and expose young men to a world of opportunities. This program meets weekly at Gary Comer College Prep in the city's Grand Crossing neighborhood. Since its inception this past school year, the group of men have produced a few music videos and were even selected as a winner of the White House's annual Student Film Festival.


Gary Comer College Prep

7131 S. South Chicago Avenue

Chicago, IL 60619

773. 729-3969

Windy City Harvest Program

Every year, students across the Chicagoland area participate in a program sponsored by the Chicago Botanic Garden that teaches inner city youth about urban agriculture. During the nine month long program, the students receive training and education on how to properly care for produce to be sold to produce distributors and local farmer's markets during the summer months. For their work, the students receive a paid stipend and even develop a love for eating more healthily.

Windy City Harvest Program


Aerostar Corporation

With an Aviation Degree in one hand and a Pilot's License in the other, Tammera Holmes sets out to change the Aviation Industry, one child at a time as she teaches inner-city Chicago Youth how to fly. Since the program started, Aerostar has worked with countless students thanks to their partnership with Afterschool Matters at various satellite campuses across the city.



Solomon Adufah

Ghana, West Africa Native Solomon Adufah has made a name for himself here locally through his artwork that tells a story. This artist, who started sketching just five years ago, has an impressive collection of pieces that speak volumes. Although his work has been featured in galleries all over the city, his biggest collection is in the South Suburbs at his studio in his parent's home.


HEART & SOUL is the winner of a Chicago Emmy Award and an Illinois Broadcasters Association's "Best Public Affairs Program" award.

HEART & SOUL gives viewers a taste of the Windy City Harvest Program which teaches teens about urban agriculture in city and suburban neighborhoods. Supported by the Chicago Botanic Garden, this harvest program offers students a stipend and an introduction to farming that can help enrich their lives.

Next, HEART & SOUL viewers get treated to captivating performances of the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, led by Emmy Award winning trumpeter Orbert Davis. The Jazz Philharmonic is nationally recognized and provides a rich, multicultural music experience that bridges the gap between jazz and classical genres. Just as important as leading the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, is inspiring young musicians with his jazz programs helping 800 Chicago Public School students.

HEART & SOUL shines the spotlight on the CHAMPS program which teaches young men about self-empowerment. Founded by Vondale Singleton, this group of 100 high school-age students are mentored each week by professional men who serve as role models.

Always dreamed of a career in aviation? Chicago native Tammera Holmes has made it the mission of her company, Aerostar Corporation, to help enhance academic awareness of aviation and aeronautical career opportunities. She does it with her after school programs for Chicago students interested in aviation careers.

Then, stunning artwork of Ghana West Africa native, Solomon Adufah's is featured. He talks about his passion for his work which is featured in his home studio in the South suburbs and in galleries across the city.

Finally, HEART & SOUL takes a close up look at Blue 1647, an entrepreneurship and technology innovation center which fosters economic development in technology. Chicago boasts 70 incubators, or launch pads for start-up companies, but Blue 1647 wanted to be different. To that end, they've set up in neighborhoods you might not think about when you think tech start-ups, communities like Pilsen and Englewood. Blue 1647 also prides itself on the importance of having kids learning about tech, right alongside the entrepreneurs working on their businesses. HEART & SOUL shows how these entrepreneurs help foster the next generation of techies, and how the students get a unique chance to work in the real business world.

HEART & SOUL is produced by Holly Grisham and Rubye Wilson Lane.