Heart and Soul July 29, 2017

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

CHICAGO (WLS) -- ABC 7's HEART and SOUL, a series of specials that taps into Chicago's vibrant African American community, aired Saturday, July 29 and will air again on Sunday, August 6 at 4:30 PM. This edition of HEART & SOUL is hosted by ABC 7 Eyewitness Anchor Karen Jordan and Jim Rose, Cheryl Burton, Evelyn Holmes and Will Jones contributing.

HEART & SOUL is the winner of multiple Chicago Emmy Awards and an Illinois Broadcasters Association's "Best Public Affairs Program" award.

Director Rhyan Lamarr

Heart & Soul: Director Rhyan Lamarr

While Chicago area native Rhyan Lamarr is making moves in Hollywood, he was happy to direct his second film "Canal Street" back in Chicago. The film stars Bryshere Gray from the TV show Empire. This independent film takes a look at race relations in the country with Chicago and the North Shore being the beautiful backdrop. Set to be released in February 2018, Rhyan Lamarr is happy that he was able to bring his independent film back to his roots to tell such a powerful story. For more information:




Actress Milauna Jemai Jackson

Heart & Soul: Milauna Jemai Jackson

Milauna Jackson is a Chicago Public High School alum who grew up on the city's far south side. This actress spends most of her time in Los Angeles but still considers Chicago home because this is where she got her start. Over ten years ago, she played in the movie "One Week" that was shot here. To date, she has worked with David Duchovny and has worked on shows that have aired on Cinemax, TNT, CBS, NBC and just recently ABC. This past year, Milauna played opposite Academy Award Winning Actress Viola Davis in the hit ABC show "How to Get Away with Murder." When she's not in Hollywood working on set, she makes her way home to experience all that the city has to offer.

For more information:

@milaunajemai - Instagram

@itsmilaunajemai - Twitter

Kendall College Trust Culinary Camp

Heart & Soul: Kendall College Trust Culinary Camp

For many kids, summer is about packing up and heading off to camp. But for some inner city kids with a flair for food, Kendall College Trust sent them to culinary camp.. tuition-free. The aspiring chefs/campers stay in downtown dorms and learn to cook all day in the Kendall College kitchens... then, head 'out on the town' each night to bond and see the sights of Chicago. The Kendall College Trust Culinary Camp program just began last summer and has already doubled in size. Along with this sponsoring unique camp, Kendall College Trust provides $250,000 in scholarships each year.

For more information:

Kendall College Trust

900 N. Branch St




Linda Boasmond, CEO Cedar Concepts Corporation

Heart & Soul: Linda Boasmond, CEO Cedar Concepts Corporation

We'll meet a Southside native who has forged a path in a male dominated field. Linda Boasmond loves science... and is the only African American woman to own and run a chemical manufacturing company. But she doesn't stop there. She's determined to open the field to a new generation of girls. For more information:

For more information:

Cedar Concepts Corporation

4342 S Wolcott Ave,

Chicago, IL 60609

Phone: (773) 890-5790

Stan Stallworth

Heart & Soul: Attorney Stan Stallworth

Attorney Stan Stallworth found himself as a defendant in the criminal justice system. That experience changed his perspective to what he calls the "injustice system". After being exonerated, he used his paint brush to express his voice and the voices of others; creating art pieces along with other artists and the exhibit called American Justice: She Ain't Blind. For more information:

For more information:

Steele Elliot Design

2635 South Wabash

Chicago, IL 60616

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #BlackManBlues, #AmericanJustice, #SheAintBlind

Doris Humphries

Heart & Soul: Dancer Doris Humphries

Doris Humphries may be 92 years old but that isn't stopping her from doing what she loves... -dancing-. In fact, Doris-still- dances and even teaches people how to tap dance each week. Doris began her professional dance career when she was just 13 years old and has performed on the same stages as Dizzy Gillespie and Sammy Davis Jr. She even danced in a Three Stooges movie. Each weekend, she teaches an Adult Tap Class at Dance Gallery on the South Side.

For more information:

Dance Gallery

10628 S. Western Ave




HEART & SOUL is produced by Rubye Wilson Lane and Holly Grisham.