Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with ABC7's Our Chicago: Voces Unidas

Hispanic Heritage Month activities can include trying out local flamenco classes, eateries

Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Our Chicago: Voces Unidas Part 1
ABC7 Chicago celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with "Our Chicago: Voces Unidas."

CHICAGO (WLS) -- ABC7 Chicago celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with "Our Chicago: Voces Unidas." The half-hour special airs twice on ABC7 Chicago, Sunday Sept. 25 at 11 p.m. and Sunday, Oct. 2 at 4:30 p.m.

Hosted by ABC7's Rob Elgas and Michelle Gallardo with contribution from Mark Rivera, "Our Chicago: Voces Unidas" offers a rich tapestry of stories highlighting the contributions of Chicago's vibrant Latino community.

La Catedral Cafe, located in the Little Village neighborhood, serves up some of the best Mexican and American brunch favorites in a restaurant rich with Mexican culture and Catholic-based artifacts that adorn walls and ceilings. A heavenly menu includes 12 different chilaquiles, sinful pancakes topped with frosted flakes along with authentic Mexican coffee laced with cinnamon. Chef and owner Ambrocio Gonzalez attributes La Catedral's success to delicious food and warm community relationships but also quips, "I'm not lucky, I'm blessed." Pointing to the surrounding statues and crosses, he admits, "I get a lot of help."

WATCH: Our Chicago: Voces Unidas Part 2

ABC7 Chicago celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with "Our Chicago: Voces Unidas."

Ensemble Español has been dazzling audiences on some of the biggest stages in Chicago and around the world, including Poland, China and Mexico. In residence at Northeastern Illinois University for the past 47 years, Ensemble Español Dance Theater is Chicago's longest running Latino dance organization, with 28 members strong. They are dedicated to promoting Spanish dance like flamenco, history and culture not only through captivating performances but by teaching this art form and culture to students around Chicago. Luis Beltran Ureña and Abigail Mosquera as well as other members of the Ensemble Espanol give beautiful performances and showcase what Ensemble Español has to offer. Luis Beltran Ureña is also seen teaching flamenco to Chicago Public Schools students.

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Borinken Cakes brings traditional Puerto Rican cupcakes to the Chicago community. With recipes passed down through several generations, Borinken Cakes is a proud woman-owned family business that thrives on putting authenticity into each of their sweet treats.

Equipo Charro Juan Colorado is a local group based in Grant Park that stays true to its Mexican roots by competing in local and national Charreria competitions. Charreria, similar to U.S. rodeo, consists of nine different skill events or "suertes."

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ABC7 Chicago celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with "Our Chicago: Voces Unidas."

Illinois Deputy Governor Sol Flores oversees the state's network of health and human services agencies and is one of the many government officials responding to the plight of asylum seekers from Latin American countries who were bussed to Chicago from Texas this summer. Flores said that the Illinois Dept. of Human Services, the Illinois Dept. of Health Care and Family Services and the Dept. of Public Health are continuing to provide immediate health care access and temporary housing for the hundreds of migrants sent to Chicago by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

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ABC7 Chicago celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with "Our Chicago: Voces Unidas."

"My grandparents came to this city as migrants, and yes they were citizens, but they came to Chicago as migrants, living precariously," said Flores, a Puerto Rican American. "This city and state embraced them and we want the same thing for these asylum seekers and refugees coming to this state."

WATCH: Illinois Deputy Gov. Sol Flores talks appointment, Texas migrants

In this online-only Hispanic Heritage Month video, Illinois Deputy Gov. Sol Flores talks about being appointed to her position by Gov. Pritzker; her response to the Texas migrants crisis; growing up in a large Puerto Rican community in a pre-gentrified Lincoln Park; and her role in founding "La Casa Norte", a Humboldt Park-based shelter which has served more than 30,000 youth and families confronting homelessness.

For more information on how you can help these Latin American immigrants, go to the Illinois Dept. of Human Services website at www.dhs.state.il.us.