Jill Pam creates detailed art using hole punches

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Highland Park-native, and current Glencoe resident Jill Pam has always had a love for art.

Pam studied painting, sculpture and drawing in college, graduated with a degree in graphic design and worked in that field for years.

When Pam was stranded in Michigan on a snowy day with no car back in 2019, with only magazines, glue and a hole punch to keep her busy, her rendition of hole punch art was born, and so was Jill Pam Art.

Hole punch art is exactly what it sounds like it is-- art created from hole punches from common newsstand magazines.

Pam has created 10 pieces of art, each one taking countless hours of time, planning, execution and, of course, love.

Yes, it's tedious and painstaking work to find the exact right color and perfect placement of the hole punch, but Pam said she loves it.

In addition to selling original artwork, Pam offers reprints in any size. She also accepts custom projects, featuring favorite singers, and personalities. She is currently working on two custom orders. Each custom piece takes as long as two months to create, using up to a half-dozen magazines
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