CTA bus driver, passenger help rescue people from 2 house fires in South Chicago, police say

Monday, March 4, 2024
CTA bus driver, passengers rescue residents from South Shore fire
A CTA bus driver and passenger helped rescue residents when 2 houses caught fire on South Shore Drive in South Chicago. Several are now without homes.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Several people are displaced after two houses caught fire early Monday morning.

The fire happened around 2:12 a.m. at the 8000-block of South South Shore Drive in the South Chicago neighborhood.

It's unknown which house caught on fire first, but the flames were so massive bus driver Anastasios Adamopoulos spotted them as he was driving along his CTA bus route.

"I could see the flames just, truly just reaching for the heavens," he said.

Immediately jumping in to help, Adamopoulos pulled over at 80th and South Shore, and he and another passenger, Chris Campbell, ran to rescue residents from the homes.

"Me and the bus driver seen the flames half a block away," said witness Chris Campbell. "We pulled over, we went and woke up everybody."

"We stopped the bus and we just started knocking on doors, started yelling 'Fire,' called 911, making sure everybody was accounted for. People were kind of hysterical, which you can understand," Adamopoulos said. "It could've been me or my family. You just do something, you do something. Something is better enough than nothing."

There were immediate injuries reported. It's unknown how many people were inside the houses when the fire began.

The cause of the fire is unknown and remains under investigation. The American Red Cross is helping those affected find housing and resources.

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