Trucking companies gas costs skyrocket, forcing them to pass on to customers

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Thursday, March 10, 2022
Trucking companies see costs skyrocket as gas prices keep rising
The trucking industry has been especially hard hit by the oil conditions that are driving up the price of gas across the country.

ELGIN, Ill. (WLS) -- Filling up gas tanks in a truck is an expensive proposition, especially these days. Diesel prices have risen about $0.75 a gallon in the last week, and that pain at the pump is sending operation costs for trucking companies through the roof.

R&K Logisitics in Elgin has seen their costs nearly double, and have no choice but to pass it along to the consumer.

"We have just now upped the fuel costs to our customers which now they're gonna pass it to their customers. It's about a three week lag," said BJ Boldog of R&K Logistics.

R&K also owns a warehouse that is packed right now with products that are brought to Elgin and will eventually be transported to factories, by truck -- an expensive proposition these days.

The majority of consumer goods in the United States are transported by truck, and most trucking companies have to pass along the higher costs for gas to their customers if they want to stay in business. And the worst may be yet to come.

"A lot of the smaller truck lines will go out of business. You'll probably see a lot of bankruptcies in the next year," Boldog said.

Ultimately, the higher costs will get passed down to consumers. Garibaldi's Eatery in Hoffman Estates has been paying significantly more for virtually all the ingredients for their pizzas, and most everything else on their menu. The owners were forced to raise prices this week.

"I didn't want to raise prices but we held off during the pandemic and now it's just a matter of survival," said owner Steve Carlson.