'A Murder At the End of the World' on Hulu brings thrills, chills

Emma Corrin stars as a Gen Z sleuth involved in her biggest murder mystery yet

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Tuesday, November 14, 2023
'A Murder At the End of the World' on Hulu brings thrills, chills
Hulu's new series 'A Murder At the End of the World' brings thrills, chills as a Gen-Z sleuth tackles her toughest mystery yet.

LOS ANGELES -- Murder. Mystery. Intrigue. Drama. Twists. Turns. Technology. "A Murder At The End of the World" encompasses it all.

The series stars Emma Corrin as Darby Hart, a Gen Z sleuth who spends most of her time solving cold cases. She's written a memoir chronicling how she and then-boyfriend Bill searched for a serial killer. Tech billionaire Andy Ronson, played by Clive Owen, hears about it and invites Darby to a retreat for elite minds in a very remote part of Iceland. While the guests are just getting used to the frigid temperatures, a death takes place, and Darby has a hunch it's no accident.

Corrin told On The Red Carpet the multi-faceted role of Darby was just what they were looking for in a role.

"I thought she was a very original detective. I felt like I hadn't read a character like her in this kind of story. And I thought that it was incredibly refreshing," Corrin said.

"She's always investigating, and I enjoyed that."

The experience of filming this series was something Corrin also enjoyed, despite the frigid temperatures.

"We all started filming, shooting together in Iceland, in the elements, up a mountain, being taken to work on snowmobiles, having to stop because of snowstorms," Corrin said.

"Then all being isolated together in Iceland because we all got Covid. We were literally stuck in a hotel together like in the series. So it was a really strange art-mirrors-life. I mean, yeah, no one was murdered," Corrin laughed.

Thank goodness!

Corrin said despite the "trauma bonding experience," working with cast members like Clive Owen, Harris Dickinson, Brit Marling (who also serves as co-creator, writer and executive producer) was an absolute pleasure.

"Everyone was so brilliant and I think the casting is incredible," Corrin said.

"It felt like an adventure. It felt like everyone really had to pull together and support each other. Every day, you never knew what was going to happen, which was really exciting."

The first two episodes of "A Murder At The End of the World" are streaming now on Hulu. New episodes will drop every Tuesday.

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