Robocall scams: IL ranks 5th highest state for spam call complaints

IL residents received more than 1.6B robocalls, 13.2B robotexts, data shows

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Sunday, January 14, 2024
IL 5th highest state for spam call complaints
Here's a quick tip to protect yourself from Robocall scams.

Illinois is now the fifth highest state for spam calls and text complaints.

According to data from Robokiller, for most of 2023, people in Illinois received more than 1.6 billion robocalls and 13.2 billion robo texts.

So what can you do to keep that information safe?

Try to avoid sharing your phone number at any checkout or on any online form if you don't have to.

Carefully read the terms of service and privacy policies. Those policies can alert you to any potential misuse of your data and how its shared.

Watch out for robotexts with misspelled words and never click on links from unknown texts.

Send unknown numbers to voicemail, especially at odd hours as those are more likely to be scams.

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