Irish supermarket creates parody video to promote stock dispelling fears of flour shortage, price hikes due to COVID-19

A supermarket in Dundalk, Ireland, created a hilarious video to promote their flour stock in the store stemming from fears of shortages and price hikes of the commodity.

SuperValu Fairways produced a mock-drug deal video where, after collecting produce at the docks, the store manager is presented with a large bag of flour and told that it's "good stuff" and that he would "get serious money for that."

The store manager replies: "We're not going to rip the customer off. We're only going to charge 1.59 for 2 kg".

He continues by saying that the store has been successfully supplying customers with bread, pasta and toilet roll, and now they also have flour.

As people rushed to panic-buy items when the country rolled out restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19, flour was one of the items that people feared could face both shortages and raised prices.