Group robs woman in Jefferson Park, returns to beat her after no one stops to help: VIDEO

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Tuesday, February 6, 2024
Group robs woman on NW Side, returns to beat her: VIDEO
Jefferson Park, Chicago robbery suspects targeted a woman near Long and Lawrence. She later tried to flag down a CTA bus for help, but no one stopped.

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Terrifying video captured a group of men ambushing a woman walking on the Northwest Side last week.

It happened on Jan. 29 around 4:30 a.m. on West Lawrence Avenue near Long Avenue in the Jefferson Park neighborhood.

Within a few strides, a dark sedan screeched along the sidewalk, and four people bailed out and surrounded her.

Then, the four people, who police said were armed with weapons, shoved, manhandled and stripped the 35-year-old woman of her personal property.

Video shows an armed group robbing a woman at gunpoint before returning to attack her on Chicago's Northwest Side.

The four-on-one robbery played out on the Jefferson Park sidewalk for two solid minutes.

For 120 seconds, they pushed and patted down the young woman, riffling her pockets and bags she had been carrying.

They piled back in the sedan and speed off, leaving the woman collecting herself and whatever they left on the ground.

Then, as a city bus approached, the woman frantically tried to flag it down. The bus never so much as paused.

Her panicked waves for help were ignored by two more passing drivers.

Still, it gets worse. What appears to be the very same car of armed offenders returned for a replay.

Three offenders leapt out and surrounded her for a second time, this time delivering a blow to her head and another 60 seconds of physical intimidation.

Finally, nearly four minutes later, it all ended when the offenders speed off for good, leaving a rattled woman stranded among what scattered items her attackers decided were of no use to them.

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