Rep. Lauren Underwood faces Republican challenger Jim Oberweis in congressional election

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020
Rep. Underwood faces Republican challenge in congressional election
In a recent TV ad, Oberweis tried to paint Underwood as a supporter of violent protests and looting, which she denies.

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- As Election Day draws near, one of the suburban congressional races is being very closely watched by both Democrats and Republicans.

Freshman congresswoman Lauren Underwood is being challenged by state senator Jim Oberweis.

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Underwood gathered with supporters Monday in Naperville to cast their vote by mail ballots in this critically important congressional race.

She is being challenged by ice cream magnate Oberweis, who is currently serving as a state senator.

"I think the the state of the economy and what we can do as we start to reopen, our economy is going to be a very important issue and again," Overweis said. My background is exactly that, I've been an entrepreneur my whole life."

The 14th District had long been a Republican stronghold, but Underwood flipped it blue in 2018 and it is considered one of the more closely watched congressional races in the country.

In a recent TV ad, Oberweis tried to paint Underwood as a supporter of violent protests and looting, which she denies.

Oberweis is also hoping people will consider Underwood's voting record, saying she campaigned as a moderate but is not one.

"She has voted 100% of the time all year long with Nancy Pelosi on every issue. That's not what the people of this district want," Oberweis said.

Underwood's recent ad touts all the public events she has held, and she stands on her record.

"I brought back over a billion dollars in federal contracts and resources to the district and have now had four pieces of legislation signed into law by President Trump," she said.

Underwood, who is a former nurse, sees the COVID-19 crisis as the biggest concern on voters' minds.

And then there is the "Trump-factor."

"This election in the 14th congressional district is not a referendum on Trump," Underwood said.

"I like a lot of the results that the President has gotten, I'm not a an enthusiastic supporter of the way he has done some of those things," Oberweis said.

Underwood, as the incumbent has a huge fundraising advantage, but Oberweis expressed confidence that if he can raise some more money he will be able to get his message out.