Marquette Elementary School math and science teacher wins Golden Apple Award

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Thursday, May 4, 2023
SW Side math and science teacher wins Golden Apple Award
Marquette Elementary School math and science teacher Anquineice Brown has won the Golden Apple Award.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It was an enormously proud moment for Marquette Elementary School students on Thursday on Chicago's Southwest Side.

Their teacher has been recognized with the prestigious Golden Apple Award. It may have been the best lesson on surprises Ms. Anquineice Brown's fourth-grade class has ever seen.

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The Marquette Elementary School math and science teacher was selected as one of only 10 recipients in Illinois for this year's Golden Apple Award for excellence in teaching.

"She engages students at a high level, makes students believe they can do math and science, and understands she needs to tailor it, brings community in," said Golden Apple Foundation President Alan Mather.

That community, including her children and husband, surrounded her to celebrate on Thursday.

"Just to see them, celebrate with them, I do put in a lot of work, sacrifices. Their time with me, it means a lot," Brown said.

Brown herself grew up in Chicago on the West Side. For her, teaching is more than just a job. It's a journey with her students.

"When you choose a job, you choose where to work, they don't get to choose what school they go to, so they deserve the best," Brown said.

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After getting the Golden Apple Award, it's official. She is one of the best for inspiring her students every single day.

"That's my mindset every day. If I'm prepared, you should be prepared. So, what I'm bringing to the table, match my energy. That's the vibe we share together," Brown said. "So, sharing this moment with them is great."