California woman convicted of horrifically abusing stepdaughter: 'It's a miracle that she's here'

ByCarlos Granda KABC logo
Saturday, October 14, 2023
OC woman convicted of abusing stepdaughter
An Anaheim woman has been convicted of committing abuse on her stepdaughter and the child's father is awaiting trial.

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- A Southern California woman has been convicted of committing abuse on her stepdaughter and the child's father is awaiting trial.

The images are horrific.

When she was taken to the hospital the 10-year-old girl had a broken neck and bruises from head to toe.

"You're hearing all of these details and it's gruesome. You don't wish that upon anybody," says her uncle Walter who only wanted to be identified by his first name.

Her aunt, only identified as Levit, says "Everything you hear and everything that she went through - it's a miracle that she's here with us today."

Walter and Levit reported all of this to authorities. It led to the conviction of the girl's stepmother, 33-year-old Mayra Chavez, on charges of torture and child abuse.

"It's hard because we didn't know certain things that were happening or else we probably would not have allowed them," says Levit.

Chavez lived in an Anaheim apartment with the girl's father, Domingo Junior Flores. Chavez was also convicted of abusing three other children in the home, including another stepdaughter and two of her own children.

Police found zip ties in the apartment. They say they were used to tie the girl's hands and legs. She was then plunged face first into a bathtub full of ice.

District Attorney Todd Spitzer says doctors could not believe her condition.

"She underwent 17 surgeries for her knees, couldn't walk for nine months. When she was admitted she weighed 90 pounds," says Spitzer.

The family is now trying to help the young girl and the other children as they deal with not only the physical injuries but emotional injuries as well.

"I want her to be able to overcome this, and become an amazing person in the future because she's already an amazing child," says Levit.

The father is now awaiting trial. He also faces charges of torture and child abuse.

A donation fund for the children has been established and administered by the Anaheim Family Justice Center. All donations can be tax writeoffs. You can send donations through the following links:


Zelle: 714-742-8931 "Orange County Family Justice Center"

PayPal account:

Check: made out to "OCFJC Foundation" mail to 150 W. Vermont Ave. Anaheim Ca 92805 memo note: "Kids Strong"

If you suspect child abuse you can report it to Orange County's Child Abuse Hot Line at (714)940-1000 or (800)207-4464, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can remain anonymous.