'The strain of it all, I guess it just caught up with me': Man accused of killing family complained of nagging; drove around with bodies for days

Fla. -- A Florida man is accused of killing his wife and their four kids, then driving around with the bodies for days.

Investigators believed the family was beaten to death and then dumped in Georgia.

Michael Jones is recorded in an audio interview with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations after his arrest. In it he describes a life of marital issues and money problems.

Jones' accuses his wife Casei of bombarding him with texts and being verbally abusive, reported WJXT.

"The strain of it all, I guess it just caught up with me," he said. "Between her and I, and support and stuff like that, as far as different family members and support whatever."

Much of the audio recording is muted, possibly because legally police can't release taped confessions.

But what you can hear is Jones describe in detail struggles in the marriage.

"It was just building up, building up, building up," Jones said. "Before I knew it, it was too much."

Then he even gives his feelings on being in police custody.

"Just, uh, relieved to be right here actually," Jones told police.

In a voicemail from Jones' ex-wife Sarah, who now lives in Jacksonville, she said it had been awhile since she saw Casei in person.

"It was really quick switchout, or rather visit with the kids, so I only can confirm I saw Michael, Sarah said. "But it's actually been awhile since I saw Casei in person. For what it's worth, a lot of drama comes along with her so I would be very surprised if this were not just some sort of stunt, if I may say so."

Investigators discovered the wife's body when Jones got into a car crash in September.

Authorities said he buried the bodies of the children on the side of a Georgia highway.