Michael Strahan, 'GMA' help Chicago-area couple celebrate dream wedding at Navy Pier

Wednesday, May 26, 2021
Chicago-area couple gets dream Navy Pier wedding, thanks to 'GMA'
After canceling their wedding twice due to the pandemic, an Army major and his wife had a dream wedding on Navy Pier with a special visitor from "GMA."

CHICAGO (WLS) -- "Good Morning America" and Michael Strahan helped one Chicago-area couple celebrate their dream wedding, after they had to cancel their ceremony twice because of the COVID pandemic.

Strahan was in Chicago Wednesday morning, and he said he had a few surprises up his sleeve.

"I wanted to come to Chicago to show people the great state of Illinois, to show them the sites and sounds of the city, take a little tour, eat some great food, do all those things and also to give a military couple the wedding that they will never forget with the help of the USO," Strahan said. "They know they're getting married; they just don't know a lot of the surprises we have."

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An Army major who has served for 30 years had to cancel his wedding twice because of the pandemic. But now he and his wife had a dream wedding on Navy Pier, surrounded by loved ones and the special visitor from "GMA."

Wedding bells were ringing for the suburban couple during the celebration on live TV. It was an emotional moment that was a long-time coming.

"It's gratitude; my heart is so full," bride Heather Hathaway Miranda said. "To do this with the man I love was amazing."

The bride, from Downers Grove, and groom Jose Perez, an Army major from Cicero, celebrated at Navy Pier's Offshore rooftop.

"To be able to have my godfather, who is a Vietnam veteran, to be able to be here and walk me down the aisle so I could marry this Army soldier was just so confirming, and so just, you know, tranquil in that peace and love," Miranda said.

The United Service Organizations, or USO, honored Perez's over 30 years of service Wednesday.

"My dad was a major in the army, as well, just like Jose, and so I understand the sacrifice that he does for for this country and the sacrifice that your spouses and their and your kids do for the country as well," Strahan said.

Unlike their quiet proposal, the couple exchanged vows live on national television.

"...when we walked along the Chicago lakefront, sat on the beach and watched the sunrise, I felt the deepest mutual respect, support and vulnerability," Miranda said.

In response, Perez said, "I waited 50 years for true love. On that fateful night, you captured my heart and soul."

The pair had a wedding cake and even a serenade from Ne-Yo.

"It's been one ride; I mean just keep going up and up, up this coaster and enjoying it," Perez said.

During his time in Chicago, Strahan also visited Al's #1 Italian Beef, where Owner Chris Pacelli said COVID has dramatically changed their business model, but they're always happy to give Chicagoans comfort food.

WATCH: 'GMA' host Michael Strahan visits Chicago

"GMA" host Michael Strahan visited the Windy City this week.

Strahan also made pizza with Marc Malnati, of Lou Malnati's Pizzeria.

"You know downtown, with the hotels and the office buildings; nobody has been in a big hurry to get back, but all of a sudden we're starting to see a little bit of action," Malnati said of business during COVID.

Strahan ended his trip with a visit to the 360 Chicago Observation Deck, which recently reopened at 875 N. Michigan Ave.

"The neat thing about the observation deck is the glass actually tilts," Strahan said. "This is scary! Oh! This is magnificent; my heart hate is accelerated! Oh, Chicago, how I love thee, and will you please tilt me back in?"

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