Chicago mayor announces new exemptions for asylum seekers in 60-day migrant shelter eviction policy

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Thursday, March 14, 2024
Mayor announces exemptions for asylum seeker eviction policy
Mayor announces exemptions for asylum seeker eviction policy

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson announced exemptions as the city's 60-day migrant shelter policy is set to take effect.

Beginning Saturday, the city will start to enforce the 60-day stay limit for new arrivals.

Exemptions announced Wednesday include asylum seekers who are in the process of securing housing, or those with special health circumstances.

The initial deadline in January was pushed back due to harsh weather.

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On Thursday, there were nearly 12,000 asylum seekers staying in 23 shelters run by Chicago and the state.

Meanwhile, some Chicago council members have said they want to permanently eliminate the eviction policy.

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