2 girls shot, 1 killed, while coming home from Milwaukee Chuck E. Cheese

Milwaukee police looking for suspects
MILWAUKEE -- Two children were shot Saturday night while in the car with family in Milwaukee, police said. One later died.

"I don't know what's going on around here," said Cecil Brewer, who lives in Sherman Park, the Milwaukee neighborhood where the shooting took place.

Right now, homeowners in Sherman Park are angry and disappointed, WISN reported.

"It's insane; it doesn't make any sense, you know. People need to start thinking," Brewer said.

Neighbors who live right across from the spot where gunshots hit two little girls in a car Saturday night said they heard the incident.

"There was probably, I don't know, 15 shots very quickly, and I called 911," Kristofer Koneazny said.

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A 5-year-old is stable in the hospital, but the 11-year-old hit has now died.

"I mean all of it's very sad; we know that the majority of the people doing it do not live in this neighborhood," Koneazny said. "I think that anyone being hurt around here is not OK."

Family said the girls were in the car with their mom, coming back home from Chuck E. Cheese, when someone pulled up to their car and started shooting.

Family brought the kids to a police station, where officers administered first aid before paramedics arrived.

And as that surviving 5-year-old lies in a hospital and the family grieves the 11-year-old killed, a pair of Sherman Park neighbors have a message.

"Put the guns down; it doesn't make any sense," Brewer said. "Think before you act, and then act like you've been doing some thinkin."