Tips for networking, job searching during the holiday season

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It may not seem like a good time of year to job hunt, but there's actually a lot of opportunity in December.

Kevin Roeder, the vice president of LaSalle Network, joined ABC7 Chicago in the studio to talk more about this topic.

Roeder said companies still need people during the holidays and many may be looking to hire before the New Year to fill their budget goals.

He said there is less competition when applying for jobs because people assume recruiters and hiring managers won't be around or aren't hiring.

If you are in the market for a new job, Roeder said don't get discouraged if it does take longer because it is more difficult to coordinate scheduling around the holiday season.

He suggested being open to temporary position because many organizations will want to take that person on in a permanent role.

Roeder said holiday parties are also great opportunities for networking. If you're on the job hunt, practice your elevator pitch before going to a party, so if someone asks you can quickly explain your experience and the type of role you'd be interested in.

Finally, Roeder said to make sure you follow-up on any good connections you make. They could be someone that can help you with an informational interview, provide a referral, or may even be hiring themselves, so you'll want to stay in touch with them.

For holiday networking tips, watch the video attached to this article.
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