New laws 2020: Illinois laws, fees that take effect January 1

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Friday, December 20, 2019
New Laws 2020: Illinois laws that take effect January 1
There are more than 250 new Illinois laws taking effect Jan. 1, 2020.

With the start of the New Year, there is always a new set of laws to obey.

Many residents and businesses are already preparing for the legalization of recreational marijuana that's taking effect on Jan. 1, 2020. But Illinois residents will have roughly 255 new laws, come 2020.

The Senate Democrats recently published their list of new and interesting laws that take effect next year, including raising the minimum wage, new reckless driving fines and even protections that keep companies like and 23andMe from sharing your genetic information.

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Recreational marijuana will be legal for all adults in Illinois beginning on January 1, 2020.

There will also be a number of new fees, making 2020 more expensive.

If you drive or commute downtown you might get thrown for a Loop by how much more it will cost you next year. Perhaps the most controversial new fee, Mayor Lightfoot's congestion tax, will raise the rates for single passenger ride share trips in and out of downtown by an additional $2.28 per ride. In outlying neighborhoods it will also go up, but only by $0.53.

To fund the state capital plan the rates at parking garages are going up. It will rise to nine percent for monthly customers, and six percent for daily or hourly parking.

Registering your vehicle will cost more too. The fee is being increased from $101 per year to $151.

In Chicago, the price to plug the parking meter is going up to $0.50 more per hour downtown, and rates will jump up by $2.50 an hour in the West Loop with new meters going in on streets where there is currently free parking.

The city is also doubling the quarter of a percent tax rate on restaurants.

While 2020 will be more costly for many, for an estimated one million Illinoisans there will be more money in their pockets next year.

"Tomorrow is the first raise in the minimum wage, the minimum wage law that we passed almost a year ago, the first one in nine years and it will be 10 years since people got a raise," said Governor JB Pritzker.

State-wide minimum wage will go up $1, to $9.25 an hour. In Chicago, starting on July 1st, the minimum wage will increase to $14 an hour.

Unsafe driving habits will also cost you more. Fines for hitting a construction worker, failing to slow down or move over for an emergency vehicle on the side of the road, and for drivers who pass a school bus with the stop arm extended will increase.

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When the clock strikes midnight, the New Year will bring with it a lot of new laws and fees that will make 2020 more expensive.

Check out 10 of the Illinois State Senate Democratic Caucus' highlighted laws that could affect you:

1. The Fight for $15: For the first time in nearly a decade, Illinois is raising its minimum wage. It increases from $8.25 to $9.25 on January 1, and to $15 by Jan. 1, 2025.

2. Keeping Up with Cannabis: On January 1, adults will be able to buy cannabis legally from a well-regulated market.

3. Gratuity Not Included: Starting January 1, the law says all tips must go to the employee - not their employer.

4. Defending DNA: Your genes are your business. Companies like and 23andMe won't be able to share your ancestry test results with health or life insurance companies without consent.

5. Safety First: Staring Jan. 1, 2020, you'll pay more for reckless driving. The maximum penalty for hitting a construction worker increases to $25,000. The fine for illegally passing a school bus doubles on January 1. Drivers who violate Scott's Law may be fined up to $10,000.

6. Drop It and Drive: Illinois residents will no longer be able to watch streaming video while driving.

7. Pet Project: Dog and cat kennels must be equipped with a fire sprinkler or alarm system if the kennel is not staffed at all times.

8. You're In!: Starting in 2020, Illinois high schoolers in the top 10% of their class are guaranteed acceptance into NIU, EIU, SIU and WIU.

9. Families First: Illinois police and firefighters risk their lives to keep us safe. That's why the burial benefit for a first responder killed in the line of duty doubles Jan. 1.

10. Helping Heroes: Police will have access to better mental health resources in 2020 with training focused on wellness and suicide prevention.

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Read a complete list of Illinois' new laws for 2020 here:

Retention of IL Students and Equity Act (HB 2691/PA 101-0021): Creates the Retention of Illinois Students and Equity Act. A student who is not otherwise eligible for federal financial aid, including a student who is disqualified for failure to register for selective service, or a non-citizen student who has not obtained lawful permanent residence, shall be eligible for any student aid or benefit funded or administered by the State, any State agency, or any public institution of higher learning including scholarships, grants, awards, stipends room and board assistance, tuition waivers, or other financial or in-kind assistance.

First Responder Duty Death Benefits (HB 2028/PA 101-0028): Increases the maximum burial expenses that can be paid to the surviving spouse or estate of a law-enforcement officer or fireman who is killed in the line of duty after June 30, 2018, from $10,000 to $20,000.

Workers' Comp Lack of Coverage Enforcement (HB 269/PA 101-0040): Streamlines the process of enforcement actions against employers for failure to have workers' compensation insurance. Increases the maximum penalty for failure to have coverage from $2,500 to $10,000.

Expressway Camera Act (HB 331/PA 101-0042): Creates the Expressway Camera Act, which requires the Illinois State Police, Illinois Department of Transportation, and the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority to create a program that will increase the number of cameras along expressways in Cook County. Provides that images from expressway cameras may be used by any municipal police department, county sheriff's office, State Police officer, or other law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the expressway in Cook County in the investigation of any offense involving the use of a firearm.

Reporting of Child Abuse or Neglect in Hospitals (HB 831/PA 101-0043): Requires the Department of Children and Family Services to notify the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services of all reports involving children alleged to have been abused or neglected while hospitalized, including while hospitalized in freestanding psychiatric hospitals, as necessary for the Illinois Department of Public Health to conduct its licensing investigation.

Decommissioning of Nuclear Plants (HB 840/PA 101-0044): Provides that beginning on or before May 1, 2020, and every two years thereafter, the owner or operator of each nuclear power plant in Illinois shall provide the Illinois Commerce Commission with a copy of the nuclear decommissioning funding assurance status report submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and, as applicable, to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Home Rule Sales Tax (HB 938/PA 101-0047): Extends the sunset date for non-home rule municipalities to use revenue from a sales tax for municipal operations in addition to property tax relief and infrastructure projects. Extends the sunset from Dec. 31, 2020, to July 1, 2030.

Illinois Trust Code (HB 1471/PA 101-0048): Creates the Illinois Trust Code to provide for a uniform trust code rather than having trusts governed by numerous Acts.

ESL Classes Posted at SOS Facilities (HB 1557/PA 101-0053): Requires the Secretary of State to post information about the availability of literacy and English as a Second Language classes at every Secretary of State Driver Service facility. The Secretary of State may satisfy this requirement by providing the website of a not-for-profit offering this information.

Passing Stopped School Bus Fine (HB 1873/PA 101-0055): Raises the fine for passing a school bus that is stopped and has its visual signals (stop arm) displayed, from $150 to $300 for the first offense, and from $500 to $1,000 for the second or subsequent offense.

Deputy or Assistant Fire Chief Vehicle Lights (HB 1876/PA 101-0056): Allows red or white oscillating, rotating, or flashing emergency lights to be used on a vehicle operated by a qualified deputy fire chief or assistant fire chief (in addition to a fire chief).

Community-Based Pilot Programs for the Mentally Ill (HB 2247/PA 101-0061): Requires the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) to make funding available for the development and implementation of a comprehensive and coordinated array of community-based pilot programs for persons with or at risk for a mental health diagnosis. The funding shall allow for the development of local social media campaigns that focus on the prevention or promotion of mental wellness and provide links to mental health services. Establishes requirements for a provider to be considered for the pilot program and provides for rulemaking by DHS. Subject to appropriation.

Public Construction Bond Act Change (HB 2722/PA 101-0065): Amends the Public Construction Bond Act to allow the bond posted by a contractor on a public works project to be used to pay for rented items used in the project.

School Board Vacancy Timeline Threshold (HB 2802/PA 101-0067): Provides that when a school board vacancy occurs, and members of the board fail to fill the vacancy within 60 days (rather than 45 days) after the vacancy occurs, the regional superintendent of schools shall fill the vacancy.

School Report Card (HB 2822/PA 101-0068): Requires school report cards to include the percentage of students who participated in workplace learning experiences, and whether the school offered its students career and technical opportunities.

Maternal Mental Health Federal Funding (HB 2897/PA 101-0070): Provides that the Illinois Department of Public Health (DPH) shall investigate and apply for federal funding opportunities to support maternal mental health. Requires DPH to file a report with the General Assembly on or before Jan. 1, 2021, detailing the Department's efforts to secure and utilize the federal funding it receives.

CILA Emergency Call Notification to DHS (HB 3069/PA 101-0075): Requires Community-Integrated Living Arrangements (CILAs) to notify the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) when emergency calls are made from the facility. Grants DHS rulemaking power to implement the notification procedures.

Native Prairie and Forage Preference (HB 3092/PA 101-0076): Provides that every state agency charged with planting shall give preference to using native prairie and forage plants to benefit pollinators, including, but not limited to, honey bees and monarch butterflies.

Fire Investigation Overhaul (HB 105/PA 101-0082): Clarifies the jurisdiction and local authority of home-rule governments in respect to fire inspections, and enforcement. Provides for definitions, and provides clarification on the current notice, corrective actions, and administrative order process. Clarifies existing procedures for the purposes of rulemaking.

Professional Development Inclusive Practices (HB 355/PA 101-0085): Adds to the list of available opportunities for professional development: training on inclusive practices that examine instructional and behavioral strategies that improve academic and social-emotional outcomes for all students, with or without disabilities, in a general education setting.

Committed Person Co-Pay (HB 2045/PA 101-0086): Eliminates the $5 co-pay for medical or dental services in the Illinois Department of Corrections and the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice facilities.

Cloud Computing (HB 2133/PA 101-0087): Expands the definition of computer in the Criminal Code to include information or data stored or hosted in a cloud-based network.

Contract Turnaround Schools FOIA and OMA Requirements (HB 2272/PA 101-0088): Amends the School Code to provide that the governing bodies of contract schools created by the Chicago Board of Education are subject to the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act.

Maternal Blood Pressure Equipment (HB 2433/PA 101-0091): Requires every hospital to ensure that it has the proper instruments available for taking a pregnant woman's blood pressure.

Public Universities Tuition Report (HB 2512/PA 101-0093): Requires each public university to submit a report on the amount of tuition that undergraduate, degree-seeking students attending the university paid in the previous academic year.

SLP Educator License (HB 2605/PA 101-0094): Allows a licensed speech language pathologist who also holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association to obtain a Professional Educator License with a school support endorsement for non-teaching speech-language pathologist.

Mortgage Act Changes (HB 2699/PA 101-0097): Amends the Mortgage Act to add a person authorized by the mortgagor, grantor, heir, legal representative, or assigned to the list of those who may request that the mortgagee of real property shall make, execute, and deliver an instrument in writing releasing a mortgage or deed of trust; provide that if any mortgagee or trustee shall not, within 30 days (rather than "one month") after the payment of the debt secured by the mortgage or trust deed complies with specific requirements, then he or she shall be liable for the sum of $200 to the aggrieved party; provide that the successor in interest to the mortgagee or trustee shall not be liable for the $200 penalty if he or she complies with specific requirements within 30 days (rather than "one month") after succeeding to the interest.

Youth Homelessness Prevention Subcommittee (HB 2983/PA 101-0098): Creates the Youth Homelessness Prevention Subcommittee to the Governor's Cabinet on Children and Youth. The subcommittee is tasked with driving the state's strategic vision for preventing youth homelessness among young people leaving the state's care programs.

Termination of Benefits Notification (HB 3039/PA 101-0100): Requires the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services to send the notice of its decision to terminate aid to both the recipient and the long-term care facility, if the recipient resides at a long-term care facility.

Benefits Eligibility Redetermination Notification (HB 3040/PA 101-0101): Provides that if an individual has transferred to another long-term care facility, the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services must send any annual notice concerning redetermination of eligibility to the long-term care facility where the individual resides, as well as to the individual.

Impact Incarceration Eligibility (HB 3168/PA 101-0105): Requires the court make a specific finding as to whether a defendant is eligible for the Illinois Department of Corrections' Impact Incarceration Program and, if not, explain why. Requires that information regarding a defendant's eligibility for Impact Incarceration Programs shall be included in the pre-sentence report in felony cases.

Veteran ID Proof (HB 3216/PA 101-0106): Provides that for the purpose of issuing an identification card or driver's license with a veteran designation, acceptable forms of proof shall include, among other documents, Department of Defense form DD-2 (Retired) or a United States Department of Veterans Affairs summary of benefits letter. Provides that the Secretary of State must provide to the Department of Veterans Affairs information to verify that the applicant for a veteran designation is eligible. Provides that if the Department of Veterans Affairs cannot confirm that an applicant is a veteran then they shall inform the Secretary of State, and the Secretary of State shall cancel the veteran designation.

Parkinson's Disease Awareness and Education Act (HB 3247/PA 101-0107): Creates the Parkinson's disease Public Awareness and Education Act. Provides that the Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health (DPH), subject to appropriation, shall establish a Parkinson's disease Public Awareness and Education Program. Provides for what the program is to include, certain requirements for program materials, and for how the program is to be funded.

Third Party Administrators (HB 3320/PA 101-0108): Exempts dental service plans (Delta Dental) from the definition of "administrator" under the Third Party Administrators Article of the Illinois Insurance Code.

Illinois Power Agency Contracts (SB 1529/PA 101-0113): Fixes deadline problem in current law for new solar builds. Allows another year for those projects that have not begun delivery due to a delay in the study timeline out of their control.

Senior Facility Closed Captioning TVs (HB 3468/PA 101-0116): Provides that most senior living facilities, mental health facilities or medical facilities such as a hospital must make reasonable efforts to enable closed captioning on televisions in common areas and patient rooms. If there is no television that has closed captioning options, then all new televisions must have a closed captioning feature.

Hospitals Post Insurance Enrollment Information (HB 3487/PA 101-0117): Requires that a notice containing information about how to enroll in the healthcare insurance marketplace be posted in hospital emergency rooms.

Special Immigrant Minor (HB 1553/PA 101-0121): Modifies the juvenile court process for special immigrant minors to provide for the court to issue the requisite findings for a minor to petition for special immigrant minor status with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Similar provisions are added to the Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, the Parentage Act, the Domestic Violence Act, the Adoption Act and the Probate Act to allow those courts to make the requisite findings for a minor to petition for special immigrant minor status.

IEP Standards for Bilingual Interpreters (HB 424/PA 101-0124): Requires the State Board of Education to adopt rules to establish criteria, standards and competencies for a bilingual language interpreter who attends Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings to assist parents who have limited English proficiency.

Sex Offense Statute of Limitations (HB 2135/PA 101-0130): Removes the statute of limitations for criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual assault, or aggravated criminal sexual abuse regardless of the age of the victim.

Genetic Testing Privacy (HB 2189/PA 101-0132): Amends the Genetic Information Privacy Act to include direct-to-consumer commercial genetic testing in the definition of "genetic testing," and to provide that a company providing direct-to-consumer commercial genetic testing is prohibited from sharing any genetic test information or other personally identifiable information about a consumer with any health or life insurance company without written consent from the consumer.

Bail No-Contact Provision (HB 2308/PA 101-0138): Allows for a no-contact provision to prohibit an incarcerated defendant from contacting victims or witnesses from the jail while awaiting trial.

Water Grant Prioritization (HB 2650/PA 101-0143): Provides that the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency shall prioritize within its annual intended use plan the usage of a portion of the agency's capitalization grant for federally authorized set-aside activities for the purpose of supporting disadvantaged communities and utilities throughout Illinois in building their capacity for sustainable and equitable water management. This may include, but is not limited to, assistance for water rate studies, preliminary engineering or other facility planning, training activities, asset management plans, assistance with identification and replacement of lead service lines, and studies of efficiency measures through utility regionalization or other collaborative intergovernmental approaches.

Juvenile Court Act Service of Summons (HB 2934/PA 101-0146): Provides that in an abuse and neglect case, allows the service of summons and petition to be left at the person's usual place of abode with some person of the family or a person residing there.

Appointment of Counsel Juvenile Proceedings (HB 2935/PA 101-0147): Amends the Juvenile Court Act of 1987 so that court-appointed counsel must also appear at a motion for vacating an appointment in abuse and neglect proceedings.

EMS License Email Renewal Notice (HB 3554/PA 101-0153): Provides that, at the time of applying for or renewing an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) license, an applicant may submit an email address to the Department of Public Health (DPH), which DPH shall keep on file as a form on contact for the individual. Provides that DPH shall send license renewal notices electronically and by mail at least 60 days prior to the expiration date of the license to all licensees who provide their email address.

Certificate of Good Conduct (HB 3580/PA 101-0154): Expands use of good conduct certificates for more than employment determination (will now cover occupational, licensing or housing).

Adoption and Placement Services Toll-Free Number (HB 3587/PA 101-0155): Requires the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to establish and maintain a toll-free number to respond to requests from the public about its post-placement and post-adoption support services, and staff the toll-free number so that calls are answered in a timely manner, and no more than 24 hours of receipt of a request.

University of Chicago Liquor Sales (HB 3604/PA 101-0156): Creates a carve-out from a local liquor prohibition referendum for private institutions of higher learning on the block where the University of Chicago is located.

Department of Juvenile Justice Clean Up (HB 3701/PA 101-0159): Changes the law so that the Illinois Department of Central Management Services is no longer required to verify positions within the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) requiring licensure by the State Board of Education under the School Code. Makes changes with respect to DJJ reports to the General Assembly. Suspends DJJ commitment of a minor in DJJ custody if the minor is charged under the laws of any other state, or the federal jurisdiction with similar penalties with an offense that could result in imprisonment within another state's Department of Corrections, or the federal Bureau of Prisons.

Student Records Act Update (SB 117/PA 101-0161): Provides that if a school intends to destroy a student record, they are able to give reasonable prior notice to the student (in lieu of the parent), if the rights and privileges accorded to a parent have been transferred to the student.

Advanced Directives Registry (SB 182/PA 101-0163): Tasks the Illinois Department of Public Health (DPH) with studying the feasibility of implementing a statewide advance directive registry. Requires that DPH consult with various state organizations to complete study. Explicitly allows advance directives and related documents to be transferred, revoked, and signed electronically. The Study must be filed with the General Assembly on or before Jan. 1, 2021.

Bathroom Signage (SB 556/PA 101-0165): States that a single occupancy bathroom for public accommodation or in public buildings will have the sign "restroom" and not indicate any specific gender.

Foster Care Survey (SB 1743/PA 101-0166): Requires the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, in coordination with specified entities, to develop and conduct a standardized survey to gather feedback from children who are aging out of the foster care system and from children who have transitioned out of the foster care system. Further Requires the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to place a locked suggestion box in each group home, shelter, and transitional living arrangement that accepts youth in care for placement by DCFS. Requires DCFS to submit a report to the General Assembly each year outlining the issues and concerns submitted to the locked suggestion box and the solution to each issue and concern.

Post-Judgment Interest on Consumer Debt (HB 88/PA 101-0168): Changes the post-judgment interest rate for consumer debt of $25,000 or less to 5 percent, rather than 9 percent. For consumer debt judgments, the time frame for revival of a dormant judgment is changed from 20 years to 10 years.

Bureau Diversity in Active Apprenticeship Programs (SB 534/PA 101-0170): Creates the Bureau on Diversity in Active Apprenticeship Programs within the Illinois Department of Labor. Establishes a 20% aspirational goal that state and university contracts be awarded to minorities, women, and persons with disabilities. A fee can be charged for a request for an exemption and higher costs for hiring minority or women contractors can't be used in an exemption request. Creates an Advisory Board for Diversity in Active Apprenticeship Programs approved by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Construction Zone Penalty (SB 1496/PA 101-0172): Increases the fine from $10,000 to $25,000 for failing to reduce speed and make a lane change when possible when approaching a construction zone.

Scott's Law Updates (SB 1862/PA 101-0173): Increases penalties for violating Scott's Law. Creates the Scott's Law Fund to produce materials to educate motorists on approaching stationary emergency vehicles and to hire off duty ISP troopers to enforce Scott's Law. Requires a motorist who is not able to change lanes to reduce speed and leave a safe distance between them and the stationary vehicles. Allows motorists to move out of dedicated lanes if they're doing so to comply with Scott's Law.

Zipper Merge Method (SB 2038/PA 101-0174): Requires the Secretary of State to include in the Rules of the Road guide information teaching drivers the use of the zipper merge method. Requires SOS to include at least one question about Scott's Law on the written driving test and creates the Move-Over Task Force to study the issue of violations of Scott's Law.

SIU Board of Trustees Voting Student Members (HB 2239/PA 101-0175): Stipulates that the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University shall consist of seven members appointed by the Governor and two voting student members, one from each SIU campus.

Organ Donor Protections (HB 2847/PA 101-0179): Prohibits insurers from limiting, denying, or charging a different rate for coverage for living organ donors. Prohibits employers from retaliating against an employee for requesting or obtaining organ donor leave time. Requires the Secretary of State to create a database compiling information on organ donors.

Elder Abuse Inheritance Restrictions (HB 347/PA 101-0182): Provides that a person convicted of assault, aggravated assault, battery and aggravated battery of an elderly person or a person with a disability cannot receive any benefit or inheritance by reason of the death of the elderly person or the person with a disability.

SOS Omnibus (HB 2315/PA 101-0185): Allows the Secretary of State to provide service by email of a document containing a driver's license number and requirements for consenting to accept these documents by email. Provides that Real ID compliant identification card or compliant Person with a Disability Identification Card issued to a person who is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, other than a conditional resident must be marked "Limited Term." Provides that the Secretary of State shall deny, suspend, or revoke the vehicle registration of any applicant that fails to disclose material information or made a false statement on the application. Provides that the Secretary of State shall deny, suspend, or revoke registration of a vehicle if the motor carrier responsible for the safety of the vehicle has been prohibited from operating by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or for a carrier whose business is operated, managed or otherwise controlled or affiliated with a person who is ineligible for registration. Provides that any law enforcement agency plates may seize or confiscate documents or plates issued upon expiration, revocation, cancellation, or suspension thereof, or if it is fictitious, or if it has been unlawfully or erroneously issued. Adds that the Secretary of State may invalidate a standard Illinois ID Card or an Illinois Person with a Disability ID Card specific reasons. Establishes new entry level CDL trained to comply with Federal CDL rules. Provides that provisions regarding the expiration of REAL ID-compliant ID cards and driver's licenses apply to persons with an approved application for asylum or that have entered the United States in refugee status.

Law Enforcement Training and Certification (HB 2591/PA 101-0187): Gives officers an additional chance to be qualified with training when they are not able to complete training in the six-month period. Changes the agency penalty for failing to train an officer in initial period from a permanent prohibition of employment to a one-year prohibition. Codifies the Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board's authority and duty to disqualify officers for entering a plea of guilty for a felony offense. Gives Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board investigators the ability to investigate like other statewide investigators. Permits police powers for investigators with appropriate training. Expands the current enforcement officer intern program to correctional officers. Establish veterans' preference for intern candidates. Creates the Law Enforcement Training Fund within State Treasury for the purposes of accepting and spending donated funds.

Tinted or Smoked Vehicle Lighting (SB 87/PA 101-0189): Prohibits the use on roadways of motor vehicles with lighting that has a smoked or tinted lens or cover.

Successful Disability Opportunities Program Eligible Candidate List (SB 190/PA 101-0192): Requires the Illinois Department of Central Management Services to provide the Successful Disability Opportunities Program eligible candidate list when it gives agencies its open-competitive eligible list.

DUI Prevention and Education Commission (SB 728/PA 101-0196): Creates the DUI Prevention and Education Commission Act, which is tasked with distributing funds as grants for crash victim programs and materials, impaired driving prevention programs, law enforcement support, and other DUI-related programs. Also creates the DUI Prevention and Education Fund.

Township Road Commission Residency Exception (SB 765/PA 101-0197): Allows a Township Board of Trustees to appoint a non-resident or a resident who has not resided in the district for one year to be a highway commissioner or contract with a neighboring township to provide highway commissioner services if the district is within a township with no incorporated town; the township has a population of less than 500; no qualified candidate who has resided in the township for at least one year is willing to serve as highway commissioner.

Delinquent Property Tax on Government-Owned Property (SB 1041/PA 101-0198): Requires that when a property is owned by a taxing district in DuPage County, if a lessee (that is required to pay property taxes) is delinquent in paying those property taxes, the county treasurer shall notify the taxing district that owns the property promptly. The taxing district is required to notify the supervisor of assessments upon the execution of a new lease or the termination of a lease for property owned by the taxing district. The State's Attorney is authorized to bring an action against the lessee for a judgment in a sum equal to the full amount of delinquent taxes, interest, penalties and costs. The proceeds of any such judgment shall be distributed to the taxing districts in accordance with the property tax distribution calculations under the Property Tax Code.

County Hazardous Material Removal (SB 1114/PA 101-0200): Allows that if a county finds an imminent hazard from an unfit condition requiring immediate action to protect public health, it can bring legal action to allow immediate removal of unhealthy or unsafe accumulations of garbage, carcasses, food waste, human/animal waste, debris, or other substances. Legal processes are provided.

Chinese Herbology (SB 1133/PA 101-0201): Provides that no person licensed under this Act may hold himself or herself out as being trained in Chinese herbology without meeting certification standards set by this legislation. Allows the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to deny a license to any applicant or licensee if they do not meet the certification requirements to say they are trained in Chinese herbology.

Name Change after Divorce (SB 1191/PA 101-0203): Eliminates the requirement of notice by publication in order to change a person's name if the person is changing his or her name to resume the use of his or her former or maiden name. Additionally, if the divorce decree contains a provision authorizing the person return to his or her prior or maiden name, a separate proceeding to change the person's name is not required.

Self-Administration of Pancreatic Enzyme Therapy (SB 1250/PA 101-0205): Requires school districts to allow any student with an asthma action plan, an Individual Health Care Action Plan, an Illinois Food Allergy Emergency Action Plan and Treatment Authorization Form, a 504 plan or an Individualized Education Program to self-administer any medication required under those plans if the student's parent or guardian provides written permission for self-administration and written authorization from the student's doctor. Requires school districts to adopt an emergency action plan for students who self-administer medication. Provides that a school district and its employees and agents shall incur no liability, except for willful and wanton conduct, as a result of any injury arising from the self-administration of medication by a student under this subsection and requires the student's parent/guardian to sign a statement to this effect.

Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month (HB 2832/PA 101-0208): Provides that the month of April of each year is designated as "Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month" to be observed throughout the State as a month to recognize the many ways that Sikh Americans have influenced American history, achievement, culture, and innovation.

Kennel Fire Alarms (HB 3390/PA 101-0210): Provides that a kennel operator shall install in the kennel a fire alarm monitoring system that triggers notification to local emergency responders when activated or fire sprinklers. Provides that the Illinois Department of Agriculture shall deny the initial licensure or license renewal of a kennel operator for the failure to comply with this provision.

Child Custody Address Protection (SB 399/PA 101-0211): Allows a party to omit information about where a child has lived for the last five years if the party states in the pleading or the affidavit that disclosure of an address would risk abuse or harm to the party or a family member. Additionally, a party is not required to include the address of a domestic violence safe house address or an address changed as a result of a protective order in pleadings or an affidavit.

Preventive STD Access for Minors (HB 2665/PA 101-0214): Permits health providers to prescribe preventative, or prophylactic, treatments such as HIV PrEP medication to minors aged 12 and older without parental consent. Previously, parental consent could only be waived in the event that the minor was seeking health care services, or counseling, related to the diagnosis, or treatment, of a sexually transmitted disease or substance use disorder.

Mental Health Police Training (HB 2767/PA 101-0215): Provides that the curriculum for police officer training schools shall include information about recognizing signs and symptoms of work-related cumulative stress, issues that may lead to suicide, and solutions for intervention with peer support resources. Requires creation and approval of a course by the Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board. Adds signs and symptoms of stress and suicide to basic police training and requires officers to attend training. Adds officer wellness to in-service training requirements.

State Fair Village of Cultures (HB 3014/PA 101-0216): Changes the name of the Ethnic Village exhibit at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield, renaming it the Village of Cultures.

Mental Health and Suicide Information at Universities (HB 3404/PA 101-0217): Requires each public university and community college, beginning with the 2020-2021 academic year, to make information available on all mental health and suicide prevention resources at their institution to its students.

Cardiopulmonary Monitor Mandate (HB 3471/PA 101-0218): Mandates the coverage of cardiopulmonary monitors for children who have had a cardiopulmonary event.

Committed to DJJ (HB 3704/PA 101-0219): Adds the development of policies and procedures promoting family engagement appropriate visitation to the general power and duties of the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice.

Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Prevention (SB 75/PA 101-0221): Addresses sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace, protects hotel and casino employees from sexual harassment by guests, and updates government ethics laws.

State Seal of Biliteracy (HB 37/PA 101-0222): Makes the State Seal of Biliteracy available to non-public high school graduates.

Crimes in Places of Worship (HB 38/PA 101-0223): Creates aggravating factors in sentencing or increases penalties for certain crimes against those engaged in prayer or other religious activities at a church, synagogue, mosque, or other building, structure, or place used for religious worship.

Authorized Electronic Monitoring in Community-Integrated Living Arrangements and Developmental Disability Facilities Act (HB 344/PA 101-0229): Creates the Authorized Electronic Monitoring in Community-Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) and Developmental Disability Facilities Act to allow for electronic monitoring in CILAs and developmental disability residential facilities.

Mandatory Supervised Release Reports (HB 386/PA 101-0231): Requires the Illinois Department of Corrections (DOC) and the Illinois Prisoner Review Board (PRB) to annually publish an exemplar copy of any evidence-based assessments, questionnaires, or other instruments used to set conditions of release. Requires DOC and PRB to release a report annually published on their websites that reports information about the usage of electronic monitoring and GPS monitoring as a condition of parole and mandatory supervised release during the prior calendar year.

ID Card Fee Reduction for Minors (HB 808/PA 101-0232): Lowers the Illinois Identification Card fees for people younger than 18. The cost for original cards, renewal cards, and duplicative cards for younger than 18 would be reduced from $10 to $5.

Meetings Act Training (HB 814/PA 101-0233): Allows for members of a municipal public body to satisfy the Open Meetings Act by participating in training under the Act by an organization that represents municipalities.

DOC Inmate Cost Recoup Prohibition (HB 900/PA 101-0235): Eliminates the Illinois Department of Corrections' ability to sue an inmate to recoup the costs of their imprisonment.

Forensic Interview Recording Consent (HB 909/PA 101-0236): Stipulates that consent is not required for a forensic interview to be electronically recorded, and failing to record does not make the interview inadmissible.

DCFS Child Safety Requirements (HB 1551/PA 101-0237): Sets forth various requirements to ensure the safety of a child in custody of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), or a child who has been returned to a parent.

Mental Health Exam for School Threats (HB 1579/PA 101-0238): Amends the Juvenile Court Act so that before a minor is sentenced for disorderly conduct, where the minor made threats of harm, violence, death, or destruction toward a school or persons in or at the school, the court may order the minor undergo a mental health evaluation. Requires a person convicted of a false bomb, explosive, poison gas, deadly biological or chemical contaminant, or radioactive substance threat reimburse the public agency for the costs of the emergency response.

Electronic Arrest Warrant Requests (HB 1583/PA 101-0239): Allows for an arrest warrant to be issued via electronic means, similar to a search warrant.

Military Expedited Licensure (HB 1652/PA 101-0240): Requires the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to assign a staff member as the "military liaison" who will be responsible for administering the military expedited licensure for military members and their spouses who are redeployed to Illinois. Provides that an expedited license shall be processed within 60 days.

Healthy Pet Month (HB 2086/PA 101-0244): Designates April as "Healthy Pet Month" to encourage pet owners to review their pets' health needs and to make arrangements with their veterinarians for annual exams/evaluations.

Cold War License Plate (HB 2088/PA 101-0245): Provides that the Secretary of State may issue Cold War license plates to Illinois residents who served in the Armed Forces between Aug. 15, 1945, and Jan. 1, 1992. The plates have no additional fee attached and will be designed by the Secretary of State.

United Nations Protection Force License Plate (HB 2119/PA 101-0247): Allows the Secretary of State to issue United Nations Protection Force license plates to residents who served in the United Nations Protection Force in Yugoslavia. An additional initial fee of $15 will be charged and placed into the Secretary of State's Special License Plate Fund, the renewal fee will be $2, plus the standard registration fee.

K-9 for Veterans License Plate Decals (HB 2126/PA 101-0248): Authorizes the Secretary of State to issue a universal special license plates on behalf of K9s for Veterans, NFP, and authorizes K9s for Veterans, NFP, to issue decals for the license plates.

Health in All Policies Act (HB 2146/PA 101-0250): Creates the Health in All Policies Act. Provides the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, in consultation with the Illinois Department of Public Health, shall convene a workgroup to review legislation and make new policy recommendations relating to the health of Illinois residents. Includes provisions regarding the workgroup's purpose, duties, membership, and support, meeting and reporting requirements.

Order of Protection or No Contact Order Availability (HB 2309/PA 101-0255): Amends the Stalking No Contact Order Act, the No Contact Order Act and the Domestic Violence Act to provide that petitions for such protective orders and the order granting the petition are confidential until served on the respondent.

License Plate Decals (HB 2492/PA 101-0256): Authorizes the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and its Local Lodge 701 to create two decals for new treasury funds. Provides for the creation of the Guide Dogs of America Fund and The Mechanics Training Fund.

Local Foods (HB 2505/PA 101-0258): Modifies the term "local farm or food products" to include products processed and packaged in Illinois using at least one ingredient grown in Illinois.

Video Interview (HB 2557/PA 101-0260): Creates the Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act. An employer that asks applicants to record video interviews and uses an artificial intelligence (AI) analysis of applicant-submitted videos shall notify applicants in writing before use, provide the applicant an information sheet on how AI is used. An employer can't use AI analysis without applicant consent or share applicant videos. Requires the applicant to request the destruction of video.

Disabled Veterans Plates (HB 2618/PA 101-0262): Allows the Secretary of State (SOS), upon receipt of an application, made in the form prescribed by the SOS, to issue special registration plates to Illinois residents who are current members, former members, or surviving spouses of former members of the Illinois National Guard, or the National Guard of any other State, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or Washington, D.C. Allows veterans with a 50 percent or greater service-connected disability to receive one set of any military series registration plate for free. Defines "military series registration plate." In the section concerning Medal of Honor plates changes "Congressional Medal of Honor" to "Medal of Honor."

Public Colleges Financial Reporting Data (HB 2720/PA 101-0267): Requires state-supported institutions of higher learning to provide a financial report documenting their revenues and expenditures to the Governor and General Assembly within 150 days after the conclusion of each fiscal year, rather than 120 days.

Competency Based Learning Programs Notifications (HB 2852/PA 101-0271): Stipulates that if a public university offers a competency-based learning program, it must notify a student if he or she becomes eligible for the program.

IDPH Diversity Task Force (HB 2896/PA 101-0273): Creates the Diversity in Health Care Professions Task Force. Provides for the membership and the goals of the task force. Provides that the Illinois Department of Public Health shall provide administrative support to the task force. There are no legislative appointments.

Auto Deferred Comp (HB 3082/PA 101-0277): Creates an auto enrollment in the state's deferred compensation plan for GARS, SERS and JRS employees for hired after six months after the effective date. Provides that the auto-enrollment will deduct 3 percent of salary per pay period and deposit it into the deferred compensation account. Participants may elect not to participate.

Physicians Pharmaceuticals Information (HB 3097/PA 101-0278): Requires the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services to develop, in collaboration with the University of Illinois at Chicago, a program designed to provide physicians prescribing under Medicaid with an evidence-based, non-commercial source of objective information about pharmaceuticals to assist prescribing physicians in making appropriate therapeutic recommendations.

Homeless Prevention Mortgage Assistance (HB 3331/PA 101-0280): Allows for assistance for grantees to be used for payment of rent or mortgage. In no case shall the total assistance for a household be greater than the equivalent of six months of rent or mortgage payments. On an annual basis, a grantee's administrative costs and case management shall not exceed 15 percent of the grant amount.

Child Epinephrine Injector Coverage (HB 3435/PA 101-0281): Mandates insurance coverage for children's epinephrine injectors when deemed medically necessary.

Developmental Disabilities License Plate Decal (HB 3437/PA 101-0282): Authorizes the Illinois Department of Human Services to issue a decal for developmental disabilities awareness. The decals will have an original issuance fee of $25 with $10 going to the Developmental Disabilities Awareness Fund and $15 to the Secretary of State Special License Plate Fund. The renewal fee shall be $25 with $23 going to the Developmental Disabilities Awareness Fund and $2 to the Secretary of State Special License Plate Fund.

Female Genital Mutilation Statute of Limitations (HB 3498/PA 101-0285): Removes the statute of limitations for a prosecution for female genital mutilation when the victim is younger than 18 years. Adds parents or guardians who have custody or control of a child who knowingly permit it to occur to the offense. Makes the penalty for someone who allows the offense to occur a Class 1 felony.

Victim Impact Statements Discovery (HB 3584/PA 101-0288): Clarifies that victim statements submitted to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board are confidential and privileged. Expands and clarifies crime victim's rights and victim impact statement confidentiality.

Charter Schools Board of Directors (HB 3659/PA 101-0291): Requires charter schools to have at least one parent of a current charter school student on their board of directors within one year of the effective date of this Act. Requires all charter school board members to complete professional development leadership training, including training on financial oversight and school accountability, principal evaluation, school performance, adherence to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Open Meetings Act (OMA), and compliance with education and labor law.

Limited Worker Cooperative Association Act (HB 3663/PA 101-0292): Creates the Limited Worker Cooperative Association Act, which will allow organization of limited worker cooperative associations as a business entity.

Baby Changing Stations in Public Buildings (HB 3711/PA 101-0293): Provides that every public building with restrooms open and accessible to the public shall have at least one safe, sanitary, convenient, and publicly accessible baby diaper changing station that is accessible to women entering a restroom provided for use by women, and at least one baby diaper changing station that is accessible to men entering a restroom provided for use by men, or at least one baby diaper changing station that is accessible to both men and women. Requires signage at or near the entrance of the restroom indicating the location of the diaper changing station.

Freight Train Crew Size (SB 24/PA 101-0294): Requires an operating crew of at least two people in order for a rail carrier to operate a train.

Streaming Video While Driving Ban (SB 86/PA 101-0297): Amends the Vehicle Code. Adds to the current ban on cell phone use while driving to state that drivers cannot operate a vehicle while watching or streaming video.

Drainage District Dissolution (SB 90/PA 101-0298): Adds another process for dissolution in the Illinois Drainage Code. Only applies to districts within counties that have a storm water management planning commission and are located within the Lake Michigan, Chicago/Calumet, Des Plaines, and Fox watersheds. States that assessments still effective upon dissolution may be expended by both the county and municipality in proportionate share and that the county and the municipality are to either reduce or eliminate the assessment to an amount necessary to operate the drainage system (instead of these powers being solely give to the county).

Rabies Vaccines for Cats (SB 131/PA 101-0299): Requires every owner of a cat that is four months or older to have each cat receive a rabies inoculation, and have a subsequent inoculation within a year of the first one occurring. Excludes feral cats.

U of I Student Trustee residency (SB 172/PA 101-0300): Changes residency determination for the student trustee on the University of Illinois' Board of Trustees to allow the use of an Identification Card as evidence of the student's Illinois domicile.

Title Insurance Good Funds (SB 195/PA 101-0301): Amends the Title Insurance Act to include a check drawn on the fiduciary trust account of an independent escrowee in the definition of "good funds."

MWRD Bond Sunset (SB 205/PA 101-0302): Amends the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) Act to increase the sunset of MWRD bonds for sewage treatment and water improvements to 2034.

Health Education Curriculum Mandate (SB 459/PA 101-0305): Requires mental health and illness instruction offered in health class to include a review of the relationship between physical and mental health.

Metro-East Sanitary District Act (SB 584/PA 101-0308): Amends the Metro-East Sanitary District Act of 1974 to provide that the mayor of the largest municipality in the county having the greater equalized assessed valuation of the district shall be an ex officio commissioner of the Metro-East Sanitary District's Board of Commissioners.

Township Food Pantry (SB 640/PA 101-0309): Amends the Illinois Public Aid Code to provide express authority for townships to provide for and administer food pantry programs as part of the township's general assistance programming.

Open Operating Standards Act Extension (SB 725/PA 101-0314): Removes the automatic repeal of the Open Operating Standards Act. It is currently slated to be repealed on Jan. 21, 2021. The Act requires "public data" to be made available to the public and establishes standards for making the data available.

Community College Vocational Scholarship Program (SB 1167/PA 101-0315): Provides that, subject to appropriation, the Illinois Student Assistance Commission shall administer an adult vocational community college scholarship program.

Excessive Vehicle Idling (SB 1256/PA 101-0319): Stipulates that a person who operates a motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 8,000 pounds or more operating on diesel fuel on property that, offers paid parking services to vehicle owners, does not involve fuel dispensing, and is located in an affected area within a county of more than three million residents but outside of a municipality of more than two million residents may not cause or allow the motor vehicle, when it is not in motion, to idle for more than a total of 10 minutes within any 60-minute period under any circumstances if the vehicle is within 200 feet of a residential area. This does not apply to school buses, waste-hauling vehicles, facilities operated by the Illinois Department of Transportation, vehicles owned by a public utility and operated to power equipment necessary in the restoration, repair, modification, or installation of a utility service, or ambulances.

Identity Theft (SB 1294/PA 101-0324): Makes technical changes in offense of identity theft by replacing "personal identification information" with "personal identifying information" to mirror terminology used various theft offenses.

Jury Selection Discrimination (SB 1378/PA 101-0327): Prohibits an otherwise qualified juror from being excluded from jury service based on sexual orientation.

Truck Lengths (SB 1381/PA 101-0328): Makes multiple changes to the classification of highways that govern the movement of semi-trucks.

Microplastics Report (SB 1392/PA 101-0330): Provides that, subject to appropriation, the Prairie Research Institute (PRI) shall conduct a detailed review of the available scientific literature and Federal and State laws, regulations, and rules to identify the threat of microplastics to human health and the environment. PRI shall submit to the Illinois General Assembly a report of its findings, including any recommendations for legislative or regulatory actions the State can take to protect human health and the environment from microplastics, within three months after completion of the review.

NBCT Rural and Remote Cleanup (SB 1460/PA 101-0333): Creates a new class of incentives under the National Board Certification program specifically for rural or remote school districts/teachers, if adequate funds are available.

Rockford Terminal Fee Cap (SB 1558/PA 101-0337): Amends the Video Gaming Act. Caps video gaming terminal fee at $250 in the City of Rockford.

SIDS Coroner Reporting (SB 1568/PA 101-0338): Requires the use of a form by coroners for Sudden Infant Death (SIDS) Syndrome and Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) cases that details pertinent information concerning the death. Requires the Illinois Department of Public Health to publish current information regarding SIDS and SUID. Requires county coroners to ensure an autopsy is performed when an infant younger than 2 years has died suddenly and unexpectedly following investigation. Also requires death certificates to list cause of death as "sudden unexpected infant death or sudden infant death syndrome" instead of just "sudden infant death syndrome" in the appropriate cases.

Illinois History (SB 1601/PA 101-0341): Provides that beginning with the 2020-21 school year, the teaching of history must include instruction on the history of Illinois.

Personal Information Protection (SB 1624/PA 101-0343): Provides that data breaches impacting more than 500 Illinois residents as a result of a single breach must be reported in the most expedient time possible to the Attorney General who shall report on all data breaches by Feb. 1 of each year.

Forest Preserve Green Partnerships (SB 1651/PA 101-0344): Allows forest preserves to pursue green energy partnerships.

Workplace Protection Instruction (SB 1694/PA 101-0347): Allows school districts to include a unit of instruction on workplace preparation that covers legal protections in the workplace, including protection against sexual harassment and racial and other forms of discrimination and other protections for employees in its high school curriculum. Allows the school board to determine the minimum amount of instruction time that qualifies as a unit of instruction.

Pharmacists Administer Injections (SB 1715/PA 101-0349): Provides that the "practice of pharmacy" includes the administration of injections of long-term antipsychotic medications pursuant to a valid prescription by a physician.

Mental Health In-Service Training (SB 1731/PA 101-0350): Allows school districts to use the Illinois Mental Health First Aid training program, established under the Illinois Mental Health First Aid Training Act to provide required biennial in-service mental health training for teachers and administrators. Allows teachers and administrators, who have obtained the training elsewhere, can present a certificate of successful completion to the school district to satisfy the training requirements.

DOC Medicaid Eligibility Screening (SB 1744/PA 101-0351): Provides that prior to the release of a person on parole, mandatory supervised release, final discharge or pardon, the Illinois Department of Corrections shall screen every person for Medicaid eligibility. Requires correctional officials to assist an eligible person to complete a Medicaid application to ensure that the person begins receiving benefits as soon as possible after his or her release.

Police/Fire Specialty Plates (SB 1894/PA 101-0358): Add children and stepchildren to those eligible for deceased police officer or firefighter license plates.

Raffle Expansion (SB 1917/PA 101-0360): Removes qualifying language "statewide" from the Raffles and Poker Runs Act to expand the ability to hold raffles to all licensed associations that represent law enforcement officials.

Diesel Emissions Testing (SB 1993/PA 101-0362): Removes the requirement for diesel emission inspections for vehicles over 16,000 pounds that are registered in the Chicagoland area and the Metro-East area.

Apprentice Study (SB 2024/PA 101-0364): Requires the Illinois Department of Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to conduct a study on the potential expansion of apprenticeship programs and to produce its findings to the General Assembly.

Licensure of Notary Public Remittance Agents (SB 2037/PA 101-0366): Requires persons, companies, corporations, associations, and organizations that submit notary-public applications to the Secretary of State on behalf of others to qualify for licensure as a notary-public remittance agent.

Customized Employment Pilot Program (SB 2087/PA 101-0368): Creates the Customized Employment for Individuals with Disabilities Act to assist persons with Intellectual or developmental disabilities (ID/DD) or similar conditions who seek employment and require more individualized assistance to achieve and maintain integrated employment at competitive wages through the process of customized planning and negotiation.

Medical Cannabis Administration in Schools (SB 455/PA 101-0370): Requires all schools (public, charter, private) to allow a school nurse or administrator to administer medical cannabis to students who are registered, qualifying patients while on school premises, a school-sponsored activity or before or after normal school activities. Authorizes all schools to allow self-administration of medical cannabis if it takes place under the direct supervision of a school nurse or administrator. Requires parent/guardian written authorization which is effective for the school year in which it is granted and must be renewed each subsequent school year. Requires the product to be stored with the school nurse at all times and only accessible to themselves or administrator. Requires the State Board, in consultation with the Department of Public Health to develop a training program for school nurses and administrators. Requires school nurses and administrators to annually complete the training before they can administer medical cannabis and requires schools to keep records of who has completed the training.

Lyme Disease Treatment (HB 889/PA 101-0371): Mandates coverage for the long-term antibiotic treatment (more than four weeks) of tick-borne diseases.

Pediatric Cancer Awareness Decal (SB 946/PA 101-0372): Authorizes the Department of Human Services to issue a decal for pediatric cancer awareness. The decals will have an original issuance fee of $25; with $10 to the Pediatric Cancer Awareness Fund and $15 to the Secretary of State Special License Plate Fund. The renewal fee shall be $25 with $23 to the Pediatric Cancer Awareness Fund and $2 to the Secretary of State Special License Plate Fund.

ISP Recruit Education Requirements (HB 124/PA 101-0374): Permits the State Police to hire 20-year-old applicants if the applicants have completed an associate degree or 60 credit hours at an accredited college or university. Restricts the State Police Merit Board's ability to impose additional educational requirements on these applicants.

State Police Division Duties (SB 1915/PA 101-0378): Amends the Department of State Police Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois to replace the Division of Administration with the Division of Justice Services. The Division of Justice Services will perform the same duties as the Division of Administration except for budget, personnel and auditing, which will be performed by the Office of the Director. The duties under the Criminal Identification Act are moved from the Division of Forensic Services to the Division of Justice Services.

Tax Sales Location (HB 250/PA 101-0379): Provides that a county outside of Cook County may, by joint agreement, combine its tax sale with the tax sale of one or more other contiguous counties. Provides that a joint tax sale shall be held at a location in one of the participating counties. Enables the county collector to assign certificates that have been subject to this type of sale in error to either the county delinquent tax program or to any taxing district with an interest in the taxes sold and the associated property. Also clarifies that in cases of sales in error for hazardous substance, the county collector may request that the circuit court direct the county clerk to assign the certificate to the county delinquent tax agent without charging a fee for the assignment. The owner of the certificate will receive all statutory refunds and payments. Also clarifies that a sale in error may not be granted for a county or municipal lien that has been released, satisfied, discharged or waived.

Graduate Students Join Unions (HB 253/PA 101-0380): Amends the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act. Removes "graduate students" from the "student" portion of the "educational employee" definition. This would apply to research assistants, teaching assistants, or those who perform duties that are pre-professional. These changes allows graduate students to join a union.

Remains Dispute Resolution (HB 1455/PA 101-0381): Amends the Disposition of Remains Act to require that a dispute over a decedent's remains shall be resolved by the court within 30 days of the dispute being filed with the court.

Labor Organization Representation on Boards (HB 2301/PA 101-0384): Amends the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois, the Coal Mining Act, the Workers' Compensation Act, and the Workers' Occupational Disease Act. Replaces "citizens chosen from an employee class" in these acts to a "representative of a labor organization recognized under the National Labor Relations Act." An attorney who has represented a labor organization or employees in workers' compensation cases can also be considered for a board position. Requires the Miners' Examining Board to have two members from a labor organization representing coal miners, which will be appointed by the Governor. The other two members of the board will be from the employing class. There will only four members of the board.

Removal of Private Compromising Images Act (HB 2408/PA 101-0385): Creates the Removal of Private Compromising Images Act to prohibit posting of private compromising images of another person online and to provide a process for a person to obtain a "take-down" order to have the images removed from online. A person who is found to have posted private compromising images of another person online will be liable for damages in an amount determined by the court.

Licensure for Applicants with Criminal History (HB 2670/PA 101-0388): Provides that the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, in the case of an applicant for licensure who has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, shall consider the circumstances surrounding the offense before revoking the application.

IDPH Hemorrhage Training (HB 2895/PA 101-0390): Requires the Illinois Department of Public Health (DPH) to ensure that all hospitals require specified employees to complete educational training on the management of severe maternal hypertension and postpartum hemorrhage. Provides for continuing education, and requires hospitals to demonstrate completion of the training of new hires with a certificate from DPH. Requires DPH to ensure that all hospitals require all current and new staff who provide care for pregnant or postpartum women to receive implicit bias training and education in cultural competency. Provides that DPH shall provide support for the Illinois Perinatal Quality Collaborative to develop an initiative to improve birth equity and reduce peripartum racial and ethnic disparities. Provides that DPH shall support the initiation of a statewide perinatal quality improvement initiative. Provides that DPH shall ensure that all hospitals develop protocols for timely identification of all pregnant and postpartum women in the emergency department and for appropriate and timely consultation of an obstetric provider to provide input on management and follow up.

Asian-American Family Commission (HB 3217/PA 101-0392): Creates the Asian-American Family Commission to advise the Governor and the General Assembly and to work with state agencies to improve/expand existing policies/services/programs for Asian-American families. The Commission shall submit an annual report to the Governor and the General Assembly.

Optional Coverage for Hearing Aids (HB 3503/PA 101-0393): Amends the Illinois Insurance Code to mandate that insurers offer optional coverage for hearing instruments and related services. The coverage will be offered for an additional premium. Sets the maximum for the hearing instrument and related services at $2,500 per two years. Provides if a group is unable to meet the insurer's minimum participation requirements then this mandate does not apply.

Elderly Financial Exploitation Protections (SB 69/PA 101-0394): Expands venue for the offense of financial exploitation of an elderly person or a person with a disability. Provides that theft by deception from a person with a disability is a Class 2 felony. Eliminates the "consent" defense if the defendant knew the elderly or disabled person lacked the capacity to consent.

Inmate Access to Job-Search and Career Websites (SB 156/PA 101-0397): Mandates that the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology and the Illinois Department of Corrections (DOC) jointly adopt a rule or protocol to permit inmates at DOC facilities to access "specific and approved job search and career building websites within a specified period" prior to release.

Public Indecency by an Inmate (SB 416/PA 101-0401): Makes it a factor in aggravation in sentencing for cases where the defendant was found guilty of an administrative infraction related to an act or acts of public indecency or sexual misconduct in the penal institution.

Pleading Requirements for Civil Cases (SB 1526/PA 101-0403): Amends the Code of Civil Procedure to replace the current process of pleadings that include prayers for relief with pleadings that request specific remedies that the party believes it should receive from the court.

County Ordinance for Adult Entertainment (SB 1580/PA 101-0405): Allows DuPage County to adopt ordinances pertaining to adult entertainment facilities where performance of specified sexual activities by a person within the business premises or the offer sexually oriented entertainment services. Allows administrative review of adult entertainment facilities by DuPage County.

Arrest Warrants (SB 1583/PA 101-0406): Provides that in Cook County, in cases of probation violations, warrants would become inactive after 10 years when the underlying conviction is for the offense of theft, retail theft, or possession of a controlled substance unless the agency seeking the warrant has the State's Attorney file a motion to extend the warrant.

Incarceration Credit Increase (SB 1609/PA 101-0408): Increases the credit for incarceration on a bailable offense from $5 per day to $30 per day. Makes it so that any credit for time served prior to sentencing that reduces the amount a defendant is required to pay shall be deducted from the fine, if any, ordered by the court.

Non-Citizens Withdraw Guilty Plea (SB 1610/PA 101-0409): Allows a defendant to file a motion to withdraw a guilty plea and enter a plea of not guilty, as a means to improve judicial compliance with the current law that requires judicial notification of the immigration consequences of guilty pleas. The motion has to be filed within two years of the date of the defendant's conviction.

School Safety Grants (SB 1658/PA 101-0413): Creates School safety and security grants. Dependent on appropriation or private donations, the State Board of Education will award grants to school districts to support school safety and security. Grants may be used for school security improvements (professional development, safety-related upgrades to school buildings) equipment (metal detectors and X-ray machines), and facilities (school-based health centers). The State Board must prioritize distribution of grants to Tier 1 and Tier 2 schools.

Fatal Hit-and-Run Sentencing (SB 1750/PA 101-0417): Creates an aggravating factor at sentencing for someone who commits the offense of leaving the scene of a fatal accident while intoxicated or while using an electronic communication device.

Age-Appropriate Sexual Harassment Policy (SB 1798/PA 101-0418): Requires school districts to create, implement and maintain an age-appropriate sexual harassment policy, post it on their website and include it in the student handbook.

Local Government Audit Cleanup (SB 1806/PA 101-0419): Makes changes to the Governmental Account Audit Act, the Counties Code, and the Illinois Municipal Code to make updates to terminology concerning auditors and generally accepted auditing standards.

EPA Permit Notice (SB 1847/PA 101-0422): Stipulates that whenever a permit for a new facility is required under Title II (Air Pollution), the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must provide notification by certified or registered mail to the State Senator and State Representative of the district in which the facility will be located and give public notice via the EPA website in a format that is searchable by ZIP code.

Unemployment Insurance Tax and Compensation Rates (SB 1899/PA 101-0423): Postpones previous changes to unemployment insurance tax and compensation rates from 2020 to 2022. Allows the Illinois Department of Employment Security to attend hiring events that have admissions fees. Repeals Economic Data Task Force. Establishes a statewide registry for recording state unemployment-tax liens.

Food Handling and Regulation Enforcement Act Trailer (SB 2068/PA 101-0425): Prohibits a public health district from regulating the preparing and serving of food in a private residential leasehold that is prepared by or for the lessees and consumed by the lessees and their guests.

Procurement Policy Board Lease Review Timeline (SB 2153/PA 101-0426): Reduces the time the Procurement Policy Board has to review leases/lease renewals for real property to 30 calendar days.

Criminal History Report (SB 1599/PA 101-0431): Amends the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act relevant to publishing criminal record information to include "or otherwise disseminates" in the prohibition on publishing a person's criminal record information for profit and adds "Criminal History Reports" to types of publications where publication for profit is prohibited.

FOIA Exemptions (SB 1712/PA 101-0434): Amends the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to add exemptions for information that could result in identity theft, impression, or defrauding of a governmental entity or person, including credit card numbers, debit card numbers, bank account numbers, Federal Employer Identification Number security code numbers, passwords, and similar account information.

Manufacturing Training Grant Program (SB 1919/PA 101-0437): Requires the Illinois Community College Board to establish and administer a manufacturing training grant program. Creates an advisory board to carry out duties established by the State Board. Gives priority to a public high school and community college district with a formal agreement. Requires a private-public partnership clause that requires a business to pay up to 40 percent of the project. However, this must be negotiated before applying for a grant to the Community College Board. Subject to appropriation.

Expansion of Sentencing Credit (HB 94/PA 101-0440): Extends access to educational sentencing credits to individuals sentenced to prison prior to Truth-in-Sentencing.

Civics Programs for Parolees (HB 2541/PA 101-0441): Creates the Re-Entering Citizen Civics Education Act. Provides that soon-to-be released citizens who will be re-entering society in the Illinois Department of Corrections and the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice will be taught civics in a nonpartisan peer-led program.

Voting in Jail (SB 2090/PA 101-0442): Provides voting opportunities for people held in Illinois Jails. Requires election authorities outside of Cook County to collaborate with the county jail where eligible voters are confined or detained to facilitate an opportunity for voting by mail for voters eligible to vote in the election jurisdiction who are confined or detained in the county jail. In Cook County, the county election authority shall establish a temporary branch polling place in the county jail. Only a resident of the county who is in custody at the county jail and who has not been convicted of the offense for which the resident is in custody is eligible to vote at the temporary polling place.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Rights (HB 2/PA 101-0445): Provides that every woman has certain rights with regard to pregnancy and childbirth, including: the right to receive care that is consistent with current scientific evidence about benefits and risks; the right to choose her birth setting, the right to be provided with certain information; the right to be treated with respect at all times before, during, and after pregnancy by her health care professionals and to have a health care professional that is culturally competent and treats her appropriately regardless of her ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious background. Requires the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, and the Illinois Department of Human Services to post information about these rights on their publicly available websites. Requires every health care provider, day care center, Head Start, and community center to post information about these rights in a prominent place and on their websites, if applicable. Requires the Illinois Department of Public Health to adopt rules to implement the provisions.

Public University Admission Pilot Program (HB 26/PA 101-0448): Creates the Public University Admission Pilot Program. Beginning with the 2020-2021 academic year, Eastern Illinois University, Northern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University, and Western Illinois University shall create a four-year uniform admission system pilot program to admit first-time freshmen students.

Tamms Minimum Security Unit Task Force (HB 210/PA 101-0449): Creates the Tamms Minimum Security Unit Task Force to study the possible use of the Tamms Minimum Security Unit as a vocational training facility for the Illinois Department of Corrections. The Task Force shall submit a report to the Governor and the General Assembly on or before Dec. 31, 2020.

Class Size Reporting (HB 254/PA 101-0451): Requires the Illinois State Board of Education to annually post on its website information concerning the total number of actively employed teachers within each school district, listed by individual school, pupil-teacher ratios for each school district, number of class instructors by grade level and subject in each school district, class size for each class and class section at each school in a school district and the total number of classes or class sections that exceed the class size guidelines under the Evidence-Based Model.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Licensing and Transparency (HB 465/PA 101-0452): Creates the Pharmacy Benefit Managers Article under the Illinois Insurance Code. Lays out licensure and contract requirements, and other provisions.

School Bus Driver Application (HB 2121/PA 101-0458): Adds additional violent crime and sex offenses which disqualify a person from applying to be a school bus driver. Also removes the lifetime ban on becoming a school bus driver for those who have not been convicted of a specified cannabis misdemeanors within the last 20 years.

Children and Young Adults Crisis Act (HB 2154/PA 101-0461): Creates the Children and Young Adults Crisis Act, which restructures the Individual Care Grant/Family Support Program, requires insurance coverage of evidence based early treatment models for psychosis and other serious mental health conditions for people younger than age 26 to parallel coverage through the private sector, and addresses a Medicaid technical billing issue.

Rebate Card Fees (HB 2156/PA 101-0462): Prohibits any person to offer to consumers at retail a rebate when the rebate is made on a rebate card that charges dormancy fees or other post-issuance fees to the consumer, except fees for card replacement. Defines rebate card.

Prior Authorization E-Form for Prescription Drugs (HB 2160/PA 101-0463): Requires the Illinois Department of Insurance and the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Service to create a standardized electronic prior authorization form for insurers and managed care organizations (MCOs) who provide prescription drug benefits and prescribing providers to use. Implements automatic approval when an insurer or MCO does not respond within a certain time frame to the authorization or does not use or accept the form.

Math Pre-Requisite for High School Diploma Change (HB 2165/PA 101-0464): Changes the mathematics prerequisites for receiving a high school diploma. Still requires three years of math but removes the requirement for Algebra II before a student can take an AP computer science class. Further provides that a math course that includes geometry content may be offered as an integrated, applied, interdisciplinary, or career and technical education course that prepares a student for a career readiness path.

Notary Public Advertising (HB 2176/PA 101-0465): Clarifies the notices that must be given in advertisements and communications by a notary public who is not an attorney or an accredited immigration representative to make clear that the notary cannot provide legal advice or services. The fine for violation is increased. A requirement that the person receiving notary services be advised of the notary's inability to provide legal services and acknowledge receipt of that admonishment is added to the statute.

Illinois Higher Education Savings Program (HB 2237/PA 101-0466): Stipulates that the State Treasurer shall establish the Illinois Higher Education Savings Program provided that sufficient funds are available. The Treasurer shall enroll all eligible children in the Program beginning in 2021. The Treasurer shall make a seed fund deposit in the amount of $50 into an omnibus account of the fund on behalf of each eligible child. The Higher Education Savings Program Fund shall be the official repository of all contributions, appropriations, interest, and divided payments, gifts, or other financial assets received by the Treasurer.

Youth Training and Education in the Building Trades Program (HB 2304/PA 101-0469): Requires the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to create a program focused on training in the building trades to award grants to community-based organizations for the purpose of establishing training programs for persons ages 18-35 who have an interest in the building trades and have aged out of foster care. Eligibility is restricted to persons who reside in an economically depressed area selected to receive community improvement projects under the program. Subject to appropriation.

Parental Sentencing (HB 2444/PA 101-0471): Provides that if the defendant is the parent of a child or infant whose well-being will be affected by the parent's absence, that factor shall be accorded weight in favor of withholding or minimizing a sentence of imprisonment.

Sustainable Investing Act (HB 2460/PA 101-0473): Creates the Illinois Sustainable Investing Act. Stipulates that any public agency or governmental unit should develop, publish, and implement sustainable investment policies applicable to the management of all public funds under its control.

Home-Based Business (HB 2528/PA 101-0475): Allows a person conducting business under an assumed name at their personal residence to designate the county clerk as the default agent for service of process.

License Plates on Farm Equipment (HB 2669/PA 101-0481): Removes current law requiring registration of specific farm wagon type trailers having a fertilizer spreader attachment and farm wagon type tank trailers. Removes the $250 registration fee and existing width and weight restrictions for single unit self-propelled agricultural fertilizer implements.

CMS Refund Errors (HB 2700/PA 101-0483): Stipulate that if in any case an error is made in billing a Teachers' Retirement System (TRS) benefit recipient, the Illinois Department of Central Management Services shall identify the error and refund the overpaid amount as soon as practicable. A TRS benefit recipient who has overpaid is entitled to a refund of overpayments for up to seven years of past payments.

Soil and Water Conservation Districts (HB 2737/PA 101-0484): Provides that the purposes of Soil and Water Conservation Districts include the conservation of soil health, organic matter in soil and plants, and water quality and the improvement of resilience to droughts, floods, and other extreme weather. Adds the incorporation of perennial plants to the conservation of soil and water resources plans.

Electronic Lien and Title System (HB 2856/PA 101-0490): Provides that beginning on July 1, 2021, the Illinois Secretary of State shall create and implement an electronic lien and title system to process the electronic notation and release of security interests in motor vehicles. Provides that the Secretary of State may charge a fee of up to $1 for each electronic notation and release of security interest.

Corporations List (HB 2992/PA 101-0494): Requires the Illinois Secretary of State to maintain a list of domestic and foreign corporations regulated under the Public Utilities Act. Each month the Secretary of State shall, by written notice, advise the Chief Clerk of the Illinois Commerce Commission of: any domestic corporation on the list that has been dissolved within the month; and any foreign corporation on the list whose authority to do business in Illinois has been revoked within the month.

Neglect/Abuse Investigation Family Interviews (HB 3065/PA 101-0496): Provides that when conducting any investigation concerning a report of suspected abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, or self-neglect of an eligible adult, the Illinois Department on Aging shall include interviews with immediate family members regarding allegations. Provides that in all interview and consultation instances, the consent of the eligible adult must be obtained, except when the agency is acting in the best interest of an eligible adult who is unable to seek assistance for himself/herself, or when there are allegations against a caregiver who has assumed responsibilities in exchange for compensation.

Citizens Services Coordinator (HB 3084/PA 101-0497): Requires the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, in consultation with the General Assembly, to complete an assessment of its marketing programs and determine if a Citizens Services Coordinator is needed.

Skin Cancer Screening Mandate (HB 3113/PA 101-0500): Amends the Illinois Insurance Code to mandate coverage of one annual office visit for the purposes of a whole body examination for lesions suspicious for skin cancer.

Secretary of State Omnibus (HB 3269/PA 101-0505): Amends the Alternative Fuels Act to add the new "C" plate to list. Permits dealers to transport a sold vehicle to customer using dealer plates. Allows the Secretary of State to limit the number of plates that the dealer may have. Requires a "pre-license education certificate" course for remittance agents. Adds language permitting Illinois State Police to get federal background checks done on remittance agents to comply with federal guidelines. Adds the 'forcible felonies' provision to licensed dealers providing that they cannot have a forcible felony conviction in the last 10 years and be a licensed dealer. Creates a separate dealer's license for Buy Here, Pay Here. Defines Buy Here, Pay Here and will require a permanent $50,000 bond (currently depending on the dealership, there may be no bond on file). Creates a "catch all" dealership license for entities that specialize in specific types of used motor vehicles (specialty collectors who deal on internet) and requires any owner that is not a manufacturer of a vehicle that leases the vehicle, for a period of fewer than 12 months, to another, to maintain valid registration/insurance on the vehicle.

Sex Education in Developmental Disability Facilities (HB 3299/PA 101-0506): Requires a person admitted to a developmental disability facility to have access to sex education that supports his or her right to sexual health and healthy sexual practices and to be free from sexual exploitation and abuse. Requires the person to be assessed on whether he or she has decision making capacity to consent to sexual activity and for developmentally appropriate sex education materials and resources.

Immediate Filing of Emergency Stalking No Contact Orders (HB 3396/PA 101-0508): Requires immediate filing of emergency stalking no contact orders granted on a court holiday or evening with the sheriff or other law enforcement official charged with maintaining Department of State Police records.

Gratuities (HB 3405/PA 101-0509): Provides that gratuities are the property of employees and that employers shall not keep gratuities. Requires gratuities to be paid to employees within 13 days after the end of the pay period during which the gratuities were earned. Allows the Illinois Department of Labor to file a petition in circuit court to enforce final decision and collect amounts due.

Bulk Food Handling (HB 3440/PA 101-0510): Gives retailers the option to allow customers to use their own containers to dispense bulk foods under certain conditions.

Breast Milk Donation (HB 3509/PA 101-0511): Mandates coverage for breast milk when prescribed by a physician. Establishes criteria in order for the milk to be covered by insurers and Medicaid. Allows children up to 12 months of age to receive donated breast milk and it be covered by insurers and Medicaid if certain criteria applies. Provides that donated breast milk for children older than 12 months with spinal muscular atrophy and whose mother cannot produce milk will be covered under Medicaid.

Maternal Mental Health (HB 3511/PA 101-0512): Requires that by Jan. 1, 2021, hospitals with a perinatal unit shall develop and implement a program to provide education for postpartum women and hospital employees regularly assigned to a perinatal unit about maternal mental health conditions.

SOS Gender Designations (HB 3534/PA 101-0513): Allows for non-binary designation on future driver's licenses and identification cards.

Block Chain Technology Act (HB 3575/PA 101-0514): Creates the Block Chain Technology Act. Provides when a record contained in a block chain can be used in a legal proceeding or transaction. Establishes the types of situations in which a block chain may not be used. Prohibits local governments from placing restrictions or taxes on block chain usage. Does not pre-empt home rule.

Service Animal Documentation (HB 3671/PA 101-0518): Creates the Assistance and Service Animal Integrity Act. Provides that a housing provider who receives a request from a person to make an exception to the landlord's policy prohibiting animals on the landlord's property because the person requires the use of an assistance animal or service animal may require the person to produce reliable documentation.

Contractor Prompt Payment (SB 104/PA 101-0524): Requires all contractors doing business with the state to pay subcontractors within 10 business days upon receipt of payment. Beginning July 1, 2021, requires the names of all subcontractors or sub-consultants to be paid from the bill or invoice and the amounts due to each to be included in a "proper bill or invoice. Requires IDOT to create a searchable database that allows for queries by the name of a subcontractor and for each active construction project.

Dental Anesthesia for Autistic Patients (SB 111/PA 101-0525): Amends the Illinois Insurance Code to increase the age of an individual diagnosed with autism receiving covered anesthetic services from 19 to 26.

Child Performers Trust Fund (SB 147/PA 101-0526): Amends the Child Labor Law to require that a trust fund where at least 15 percent of gross earnings will be deposited must be created prior to issuance of a work permit for child performers who are younger than 16. The funds in the trust for a child performer will become available when the child performer turns age 18 or is emancipated. Sets out other associated provisions.

Worker Protection Unit and Task Force (SB 161/PA 101-0527): Establishes the Worker Protection Unit and the Worker Protection Unit Task Force in the Attorney General's Office to protect workers from the "Underground Economy." This would ensure workers are properly paid, guaranteed safe workplaces, and allow law-biding business owners to thrive through healthy and fair competition.

Termination of Parental Rights (SB 218/PA 101-0529): Requires the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to request that the State's Attorney file a petition to terminate parental rights for a child who is in care of a parent convicted of specified sex offenses. The Adoption Act is amended to add specified sex offenses to the list of offenses that will create a presumption that a parent is depraved.

Human Rights Real Estate Complaints (SB 220/PA 101-0530): Amends the Human Rights Act to make fact-finding conferences discretionary rather than mandatory unless waived by both parties in investigations into complaints relating to real estate transactions. Adds housing discrimination to the training for Commissioners at the Illinois Human Rights Commission. In complaints regarding real estate transactions, if the complainant elects to go to circuit court, the Attorney General shall commence a civil action on behalf of the aggrieved party within 30 days after the administrative closure order by the Human Rights Commission.

Native American Employment Plan (SB 727/PA 101-0534): Creates the Native American Employment Plan Act. Requires Central Management Services (CMS) to develop and implement plans to increase the number of Native Americans employed by the state and employed within supervisory, technical, professional, and managerial positions. Each state agency is required to implement strategies and programs to increase the number of Native Americans employed by the agency and employed within supervisory, technical, professional, and managerial positions.

ISERVE License Plate (SB 944/PA 101-0536): Makes both the Disabled Veteran license plate and the ISERVE license plate available to motorcycles.

Notice of Foreclosure (SB 1134/PA 101-0539): Provides that in foreclosure actions, the plaintiff will file an affidavit with the court if the defendant is unavailable for service of process, the plaintiff will cause notice to be published in a newspaper, and the clerk of court will have the duty to send a copy of the published notice to each defendant listed in the case.

Phlebotomy Training (SB 1214/PA 101-0542): Provides that the Illinois Department of Public Health shall make available training materials that ensure that all phlebotomists are trained in the most current methods of drawing blood from children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Retirement Systems Report Abandoned Property (SB 1264/PA 101-0546): Requires the assets of all pension funds, retirement systems, and investment boards to remain in their respective trusts, but requires all pension funds, retirement systems, and investment boards to report unclaimed benefits annually to the Illinois Treasurer's Office, which allows the Treasurer's Office to post information concerning these unclaimed benefits on its website. Also requires downstate policemen's pension funds, downstate firefighters' pension funds, and Chicago Transit Authority and Regional Transportation Authority pension funds to adhere to additional best practices in locating owners of unclaimed benefits.

Extreme Heavy Duty Tow Vehicles (SB 1343/PA 101-0547): Defines an "extreme heavy duty tow and recovery vehicle" and allows those vehicles to travel to and from the scene of a disablement if the towing service has obtained an extreme heavy duty tow and recovery permit.

Guaranty Association - Dividing Companies (SB 1377/PA 101-0549): Amends the Illinois Insurance Code to require a new company created by the Illinois Domestic Stock Company Division Law to be licensed in all the same states where the original dividing company was licensed in order for the plan of division to be approved by the Illinois Department of Insurance.

Inadmissible Evidence of Immigration Status (SB 1429/PA 101-0550): Makes evidence of immigration status inadmissible in civil proceedings except in circumstances where the evidence is essential to prove an element of a claim or an affirmative defense, it is offered to prove an interest or bias of a witness, or a person voluntarily reveals his or her immigration status to the court. Provides that a motion seeking to offer evidence of a person's immigration status shall specifically describe the evidence and state the purpose for which it is offered.

Property Tax Exempt Property (SB 1456/PA 101-0551): Provides that certain leasehold property that is used for an airport, for parking, or for waste disposal or processing and is used for a non-exempt purpose is subject to taxation as a leasehold for the period of time during which it is used for that non-exempt purpose.

Burial Act Changes (SB 1464/PA 101-0552): Makes various changes under the Illinois Funeral or Burial Funds Act, the Pre-Need Cemetery Sales, and The Unclaimed Property Act concerning unclaimed cemetery products.

LLC Personal Liability of Members (SB 1495/PA 101-0553): Amends the Limited Liability Company (LLC) Act to make several changes to allow members to bring an action to compel the LLC to permit inspection and copying of company records and to clarify that a member or manager of an LLC may be held personally liable under another law for the member or managers own wrongful acts or omissions, even when acting or purporting to act on behalf of a LLC.

Mammogram Dense Tissue (SB 1506/PA 101-0555): Amends existing mammography notice to create a standalone act and remove oversight responsibility from the Illinois Department of Public Health. Mammography notice requires mammography providers to notify patients if their mammogram indicates the presence of dense breast tissue.

Civil Remedies for Nonconsensual Dissemination of Private Sexual Images Act (SB 1507/PA 101-0556): Creates the Civil Remedies for Nonconsensual Dissemination of Private Sexual Images Act. A civil cause of action is created where a depicted individual who is identifiable to a reasonable person and suffers harm from the intentional dissemination or threatened dissemination by a person older than age 18 of a private sexual image without the depicted individual's consent can recover damages from the person who disseminated the private sexual images.

DCFS Apprenticeship Stipends (SB 1525/PA 101-0558): Requires the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, subject to appropriation, to provide eligible youth an apprenticeship stipend to cover the cost of entering an apprenticeship including fees, tuition for classes, work clothes, rain gear, boots and occupation specific tools.

Mandated Reporter Training (SB 1778/PA 101-0564): Reorganizes the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act. Requires all mandated reporters to report the same type of abuse. Mandates training for all mandated reporters and implements a public awareness program.

Use of Arrest Record (SB 1780/PA 101-0565): Prohibits an employer from inquiring into or using an arrest record as a basis for an employment decision. Stipulates that using arrest records to refuse to engage in a real estate transaction, altering the terms of a real estate transaction, refusing to receive or failing to transmit a bona fide offer for a real estate transaction, refusing to negotiate for a transaction, making representations that a property is not available or when publishing advertisements or listing property is a civil rights violation.

Social Worker Exam (SB 1888/PA 101-0568): Requires DCFS to adopt rules allowing an applicant who is enrolled in an approved program for a master's degree in social work to sit for the authorized examination for licensed social workers in the final semester of the program.

Mahomet Aquifer (SB 2027/PA 101-0573): Codifies the recommendations of the Mahomet Aquifer Task Force concerning unregulated or under-regulated landfills.

Collaborative Care Model (SB 2085/PA 101-0574): Amends the Illinois Insurance Code to mandate reimbursement for benefits delivered through the Collaborative Care Model

Clean Water Workforce Pipeline (SB 2146/PA 101-0576): Provides that the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity create a Clean Water Workforce Pipeline Program to provide grants and financial assistance to prepare individuals for careers in water infrastructure. Creates a Water Workforce Development Fund within the State Treasury and is not subject to sweeps.

Sex Ed (HB 3550/PA 101-0579): Requires sex education classes to include an age-appropriate discussion on the meaning of consent. Includes a list of what is required to be addressed. Also cleans up a provision requiring sex education course material and instruction regarding unlawful sexual activity that currently only addresses males having sexual relations with females younger than the age of 18 to whom they are not married.

Diagnostic Mammography Mandate (SB 162/PA 101-0580): Mandates insurance coverage for diagnostic mammograms.

Court Reporters (SB 397/PA 101-0581): Amends the Court Reporters Act to make a number of structural and procedural changes regarding the appointment of court reporters.

Child Abuse Reporting (SB 1239/PA 101-0583): Amends the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act. Provides that any report received by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services alleging the abuse or neglect of a child by a person who is not the child's parent, a member of the child's immediate family, a person responsible for the child's welfare, an individual residing in the same home of the child or a paramour of the child's parent is required to be immediately referred to the appropriate local enforcement agency.

Bi-State Development Agency Membership (SB 1418/PA 101-0584): Amends the Bi-State Development Agency Act to provide that a county authorized to appoint commissioners (currently St. Clair and Madison Counties) that does not contract for light rail service with the Bi-State Development Agency and pay for that service in part with county-generated revenue shall be limited to one commissioner. Provides for appointment of commissioners from counties with a light rail service until a county without light rail service only has one commissioner left. Also provides that Bi-State Development Agency shall pass through 100% of Urbanized Area Formula Funding program associated with the Alton and Wood River area assistance and funding to the Madison Mass Transit District.

Psychiatric Treatment (SB 1702/PA 101-0587): Permits an advanced practice psychiatric nurse to order involuntary admission, restraints or seclusion for a recipient of treatment. Authorizes videoconferencing

for psychiatric examination that is to take place within 24 hours after emergency commitment to a facility.

Alzheimer's Advisory Committee (SB 1726/PA 101-0588): Creates the full-time position of Dementia Coordinator at Illinois Department of Public Health to ensure that Illinois is dementia capable. Provides that the Alzheimer's Disease Advisory Committee shall consist of 17 (rather than 16) voting members; provides that the additional voting member of the Committee shall be an individual with medical or academic experience with early onset Alzheimer's disease or related disorders; and provides that the Dementia Coordinator shall be funded out of the Alzheimer's Disease Research, Care, and Support Fund.

Home Energy Affordability and Transparency Act (SB 651/PA 101-0590): Creates the Home Energy Affordability and Transparency Act which seeks to strengthen regulation of alternative retail energy suppliers.