Details of Facebook Live sexual assault revealed in court

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Disturbing new details of the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl, which was streamed on Facebook Live, were revealed in court Tuesday as the second suspect arrested for the crime appeared before a judge.

The second teenager, a 15-year-old boy, was arrested Monday and charged alongside a 14-year-old boy with the gang rape of the girl in late March. Prosecutors revealed that in addition to the Facebook Live stream, they have found incriminating evidence on both teens' Facebook pages, including a second video that was sent to a third party using the app's Messenger service.

Appearing in court for the first time, the eighth-grader is charged with four counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault, three counts of manufacturing child pornography and three counts of dissemination.

Calling it one of the most serious cases she has seen, a juvenile court judge refused to release him despite appeals from his public defender.

"This isn't a case where someone was murdered, or a life lost. But you could argue this was worse. Not only does she have to live with this the rest of her life, but this video was put out for the world to see," said Assistant State's Attorney Maha Gardner.

Tuesday's hearing also revealed additional details of the abuse inflicted on the teenage girl, who prosecutors said was slapped on the head multiple times and threatened with having a dog set on her if she tried to escape. There are, they said, at least three or four other boys who have yet to be identified. Crisis responder Andrew Holmes is in touch with the girl's family.

"Sometimes you just have to give a person time to go to counseling or therapy, because you know they're breaking down. But she's going to be talking with the investigators on the case and try to identify the other perpetrators," Holmes said.

That meeting between the victim and police is supposed to happen Tuesday. No further arrest warrants have been issued as of Tuesday afternoon.
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