Toxicology report released of driver in deadly high-speed Des Plaines crash

An ABC7 I-Team Investigation
CHICAGO (WLS) -- The I-Team obtained the toxicology report on the 21-year old driver whom police said caused the high-speed car crash that took the life of an Arlington Heights family in February.

The driver in the Des Plaines accident Piotr Rog was drunk -- three times the legal limit according to records from the medical examiner obtained Friday night by the I-Team.

Rog's blood alcohol level was .216 and at his weight he would have needed nearly a dozen drinks to hit that mark.

Investigators said Rog was thrown out of a bar shortly before the high speed crash.

Rog was racing his Mercedes Benz down Northwest Highway at 135 mph according to police, but the number on his speedometer may have been less crucial than the number on these records -- toxicology results from the Cook County Medical Examiner show the blood alcohol level of .216.

Rog crashed just before 9 p.m. on February 16, a head-on crash with a Chevrolet Impala driven by Kevin Crawford of Arlington Heights. He was killed along with his wife Anita and their daughter Kirsten. Rog also died, and a friend riding in his car was critically injured and remains hospitalized at Lutheran General Hospital with a traumatic brain injury.

The I-Team reported that Des Plaines police were examining security cameras from a bar area near the scene of the accident after learning that Rog was seen there prior to the collision.

According to this commonly used police matrix, at Rog's driver's license weight of 180 lbs., to hit a blood alcohol level of .216, Rog would have consumed between 10 and 11 alcoholic drinks.

At that level of intoxication a person needs help walking, has total mental confusion and possible blackouts, and is approaching the level of alcohol poisoning and loss of consciousness.

Rog also had a terrible driving history. The I-Team obtained records that showed his license had been ordered suspended five times for multiple traffic violations including excessive speeding. His license was just reinstated on January 9 from the most recent suspension.

His social media portrayed a person fascinated by high-speed cars, motorcycles and daredevil stunts.

Despite the numerous suspensions, Rog's license was never revoked by state officials, who said the level and timing of his violations never allowed permanently barring him under the law.

Friday an attorney for the victims' surviving family members was considering whether a fatal combination of speed and alcohol will add up to a lawsuit. null
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