TSA testing new security procedures at some US airports

CHICAGO (WLS) -- New security procedures are being tested at some U.S. airports. Most electronics and even some carry-on food must be screened separately.

So far, there are no changes nationwide but if the testing is successful the enhanced screening could come to Chicago's airports.

Passengers going through the TSA security checks at O'Hare Wednesday afternoon waited in long lines. All their carryon bags go through x-ray screening but other than laptop computers, they can keep everything in their bags.

But that may be about to change. And for some, it is not a welcome change.

The TSA has already been testing out new testing procedures at several airports around the country. And they are about to expand it to several more. That means passengers will have to pull out more items from their bags to be manually checked.

Those items include any electronics larger than cell phones, some food and some other unspecified carry-on items.

The TSA said this is unrelated to the ban on laptops in a number of Middle Eastern countries.

Instead they said it is because x-ray machines can have difficulty distinguishing an explosive device in some of these objects.

The TSA said in a statement, "As part of our counterterrorism efforts, TSA continuously enhances and adjusts security screening procedures to stay ahead of evolving threats."

"They have to have security as a number one and if it's going to be a little bit slower, then so be it. It's the way it should be," Justin Sawier said.

The TSA said they plan to test this out in about a dozen cities this summer such as Boston and Los Angeles. It's unclear if and when the program will be expanded to include Chicago. null
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