Mom's plea for acceptance for son with autism

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
(Nicole Duggan - Facebook, via ABC News)
Nicole Duggan - Facebook, via ABC News

CORK, Ireland -- One mom's New Year's resolution has been far more successful than she planned.

Cork, Ireland, mom Nicole Duggan's Facebook post is being shared around the world. Her son, Riley, is 3 years old and has autism, ABC News reports.

The post is intended for parents, not children.

"I always find it is the parents that have a problem," she said. "We have been in situations where parents have pulled their child away from Riley in playgrounds and it is so hurtful for me. But thankfully, Riley doesn't notice as such."

She told ABC News, "I am only doing what all parents of kids with autism do, and that is ask for acceptance. I'm just crazy enough to put it online."

Nicole Duggan - Facebook, via ABC News