Norge Annual Ski Jump Tournament returns to Fox River Grove with electric atmosphere

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Sunday, January 28, 2024
Norge Annual Ski Jump Tournament returns to Fox River Grove
The Norge Ski Jump tournament 2024 kicked off in Fox River Grove on Saturday.

FOX RIVER GROVE, Ill. (WLS) -- A special winter tradition returned to Fox River Grove this weekend with an electric atmosphere to go with it.

"You never can understand the weather. We've been here for years, and we've been freezing. Today's muddy," said Katie, a spectator.

The Norge Annual Ski Jump Tournament is putting on a show for massive crowds of people, and the show went on even with warmer weather across the area.

"It's kinda fun to come back and reminisce and have some great memories with friends," said Gianna Sarallo, another spectator.

The two-day tournament showcases ski jumpers of all ages. Saturday's jumps featured the junior level as some kids took flight with no fear.

"It just feels like you're a flying bird," said junior-level jumper Arlo Lacasse. "It's the most craziest opportunity in the whole entire world. It's just phenomenal."

The annual tournament always brings in a party-like atmosphere.

"I like watching people jump," said spectator Zoey Kellett.

It's a unique experience these people can't get enough of.

"I mean, I tried to jump hard enough where I would get maybe first second or third," said junior-level jumper Grey Lacasse. "But yeah, I think it was a fun time."

A recent cold snap helped organizers prep for this weekend, with a good amount of snow maintained for jumpers. But the warm weather over the past few days forced organizers to cancel the 40-meter event. There was still plenty of action, though.

"We got a great crowd, and the really nice thing is, we're able to pull it off, because this weather is really tough, but what a crowd, what a great completion day," said Norge Ski Jump board member Guy Larson.

The main event comes Sunday starting at noon, with some of the best ski jumpers nationwide competing in the U.S. Cup, featuring 70-meter jumps.