100 cats found inside New Jersey condo, at least 2 dead

WOODBRIDGE, New Jersey -- Dozens of cats found living in a hoarding situation have been placed in shelters.

Some 100 cats were discovered inside a condo in New Jersey, and at least two of the cats were dead.

The NJ SPCA was called to a condo complex on Gill Lane in Woodbridge earlier Tuesday for a cat hoarding issue.

Once they arrived, the SPCA recovered two dozen cats and kittens.

But, the SPCA discovered there was a lot more cats inside.

Cats were found all over, including inside the attic and living in the walls.

A Hazmat team was called in due to the fact that the home was covered in feces, urine and garbage.

Charges have not yet been filed against the condo owner.

June Dennis says she and her husband tried to take care of the cats after her cousin died, but says they multiplied too quickly.

Her husband, Richard, says he's in foreclosure and bankruptcy. He says all of his money goes toward cat food.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)
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