Police board votes to fire officers accused of making false statements in Laquan McDonald shooting by Jason Van Dyke

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Chicago Police Board has voted to fire four officers accused of making false statements in the shooting of Laquan McDonald by former officer Jason Van Dyke.

The decision goes into effect immediately, meaning Sergeant Stephen Franko and officers Daphne Sebastian, Ricardo Viramontes and Janet Modragon are no longer with the Chicago Police Department. However, they do have the right to appeal the decision in court to get their jobs back.

All four were accused of making false statements and reports about the shooting in an effort to have it deemed justified. Police dash cam video told a different story, prompting public outcry.

In a Police Battery Report, Van Dyke alleged he was the victim of battery. There was no evidence in Van Dyke's trial that he was ever injured.

Van Dyke was convicted of second degree murder in October 2018. He is serving a nearly-7-year sentence.

The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police spoke out against the board's decision and are calling for the board to be dissolved.

"You are not a political forum, this isn't a forum where justice is served. It's obvious that this police board has out-served its usefulness," said Patrick Murray, First Vice President of the FOP.

Outside police headquarters, demonstrators pushed for more oversight of the department.

"There is only one way to hold the Chicago police accountable and it's through enacting CPAC, an all elected Civilian Police Accountability Council that monitors police crimes," said Bassen Kawar, demonstrator. "It's over and over, police officers are being let off after killing black and brown people in the inner cities."

The board held three days of hearings on Sergeant Stephen Franko and Officers Daphne Sebastian, Ricardo Viramontes and Janet Mondragon in April.
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