Gov. Rauner participates in diversity demonstration involving a glass of milk

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Gov. Rauner participated in a diversity demonstration that used a glass of milk. (WLS)

Gov. Bruce Rauner celebrated Black History Month on Wednesday with a strange demonstration about diversity.

During an event, Tyronne Stoudemire, the vice president of global diversity for Hyatt Corporation, poured the governor a glass of milk representing what he called Corporate America, run by mainly white men, he said.

Stoudemire then used chocolate syrup to represent diversity, that he said sits at the bottom of the organization.

"You don't get inclusion until you actually stir it up. I want you to stir it up governor, stir it up. Diversity is the mix and inclusion is making the mix work. And it actually tastes pretty good I'm not going to ask the governor to drink it because it might not be good, but it does taste good," Stoudemire said.

Rauner said: "I'll drink it. I'll be proud to."

After a sip, Rauner said: "It's really, really good. Diversity."

Stoudemire went on to say that it's diversity that helps bring people together to create an environment where everyone can be their best.
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