2 Chicago police detectives honored for bond formed with young shooting survivor

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Thursday, June 13, 2024

2 CPD detectives honored for bond formed with shooting victim
The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation honored two detectives for forming a bond with a child wounded in a shooting nearly eight years ago.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation recognized the hard work of police officers and detectives Thursday morning, at a special awards ceremony.

For two detectives being honored, it's the relationship they've fostered for nearly a decade with a shooting victim that's led to a special bond.

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It was a worthy round of applause for Chicago Police Detectives Patrick Munyon and Kevin Lynn by the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

The two detectives, along with a few other officers, received Officer of the Month Awards.

"They put their lives on the line everyday, every traffic stop could be their last and they know that," Sandra Wortham with the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation said.

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But for Tavon Tanner, the recognition of these detectives pales in comparison to the impact they've made on his life.

"They mean a lot to me because they did a lot for me," Tanner said.

In August 2016, nearly eight years ago, Tavon, just 10 years old at the time, was hit by stray bullets while playing on the porch of his home on the 3900-block of West Polk Street on the city's West Side.

"I'll never forget that, we'll never forget that - the way he looked. It was very grave," Detective Lynn said.

"We were told we're going to get a 10-year-old coming in very critical with a gunshot wound," Detective Munyon said.

Tavon was rushed into surgery in critical condition but recovered from his injuries.

Detectives Munyon and Lynn investigated Tavon's shooting and ultimately found the shooter responsible for his injuries.

But the case struck a chord with the two and they've been by Tavon's side ever since.

"It's a friendship, it's a relationship," Munyon said.

"I don't really say it a lot, but I love y'all," Tanner said.

Over the years, the detectives have maintained their deep friendship with Tavon, bringing him sports equipment and more.

They launched a fundraising campaign to help cover tuition costs at Tavon's high school, even taking turns driving Tavon to school.

Their kindness didn't stop there. They attended his high school graduation.

"Some people don't have people at all. And for these people to come and they're not really family, that shows a lot," Tanner said.

"Seeing the smile when he got that diploma and the relief. It was awesome," Detective Lynn said.

As Tavon celebrates the two detectives for going above and beyond the call of duty he's looking forward to what's next, never forgetting the kindness and mark they've made on his young life.