Can you potty train a toddler in only 3 days?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Can you potty train a toddler in 3 days?
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One mom is getting a lot of buzz on social media for claiming in her e-book that she potty trained her child over a long weekend

Potty training a toddler can be a harrowing task. As any parent knows, the fights,the tears and the many accidents are just a small part of the process.

One mom is getting a lot of buzz on social media for claiming in her e-book that she potty trained her child over a long weekend.

So can you really potty train your toddler in just three days? Eyewitness News wanted to find out if her method lives up to its hype, so we sent two willing toddlers to potty training boot camp.

Ava and Rocco are both feisty 2 year olds whose moms are eager to get them diaper-free.

"I have been really scared about trying to potty train my first child," said Rocco's mom, Elisa.

"I was ready to be done with diapers," said Ava's mom, Katie.

Enter author Lora Jensen.

Jensen is a mom of 6, and she is also the mastermind behind the 3 day potty training method.

"I do believe that all kids are ready to be potty trained both day and night, pee and poo, by the time they are 22 months old," she says.

It sounds like a tough hurdle but one that mom's Katie and Elisa were up for! Jensen says the first step of her bathroom boot camp is to get rid of all distractions - no phone, no TV.

"It really means staying home and doing nothing. Just focusing all your time on that child for three days," says Jensen.

Next, all diapers and pull-ups go straight to the trash. Jensen says it is key not to ask but to continue to remind your child that they need to tell you they need a potty break.

"Because if the child feels that they have control over learning, then they're not going to fight it," she says.

Now that Ava and Rocco are ready, day one gets underway. For Ava it was a day filled with lots of accidents.

"(I was) trying to catch her mid-act and get her to the potty," said Katie.

For Rocco, day one "went really well without any accidents. I was so happy," says mom.

But the road gets bumpy in day two for Rocco.

"(He had) a couple of accidents and I am feeling a little bit lost," says Elisa.

Luckily for Elisa, help is on the way. Part of Jensen's method is keeping in contact with of the trainees.

"Seeing if she has any advice for me," said Elisa.

We also check back with Katie and Ava on day two.

"Day two and we have done it! She has gone in the potty more times than she has gone in her underwear," says Katie.

Katie continues to reinforce Jensen's method, including giving Ava praise and small rewards for a job well done.

It's now day three and both Ava and Rocco should be complete masters of the potty.

"Ava is fully potty trained and she knows when she had to go," says Katie.

Rocco is also becoming king of his throne.

"He really got it - something happened in the third day. He said 'All done Momma.' I went in there and he actually went, I mean we did the happy dance!" says Elisa.

Both moms say they give Jensen's method a gold star.

"I think the results are the fastest and most successful that I've seen," said Katie.

There are many other tips in Jensen's e-book which costs only $27, including the mentoring.

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