Newsviews: Helping neighborhoods recover

ByKay Cesinger via WLS logo
Sunday, June 14, 2020

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The pandemic and shutdown put many Chicago businesses on uncertain footing; then some were looted and destroyed during protests against the death of George Floyd.

Many of those businesses are in neighborhoods with mostly black residents.

Newsviews Part 1: Helping Neighborhoods Recover

So how do businesses start to rebuild and reopen? And how do their closures, even if temporary, affect the neighborhoods they're in?

Felicia Slaton-Young, is a founding member and Executive Director of the Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce.

We're also talking with Elizabeth Abunaw, the founder and operator of Forty Acres Fresh Market.

Newsviews Part 2: Helping Neighborhoods Recover

Forty Acres is a produce startup Abunaw started when she noticed the lack of fresh food options on Chicago's west side.