Family's journey from working 9 to 5 to life on a farm

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Friday, April 16, 2021
Family's journey from working 9 to 5 to life on a farm
Has the pandemic forced you to rethink where you live and what you do? This family gave up their digital advertising jobs in the big city and moved to the country to start their own farm!

BRENHAM, Texas -- Sam and Carolyn Moffett couldn't imagine their life any other way. The couple lives on the idyllic Shirttail Creek farm in Brenham, Texas, complete with 6,000 hens, several hundred cattle, dozens of pigs, several dogs and two kids.

But the couple didn't start their life on the farm until 2017, when they decided to give up their digital advertising jobs in Austin and make the move to the country.

The Moffetts wanted to do something meaningful, and started their own farm using regenerative agriculture. They try to improve the land as they farm and ranch it.

But while the farm is beautiful, it is a lot of hard work. The couple said its great to see the tangible fruit of their labors every day, but it is long days with almost no breaks or vacations. Other farmers in the area have mentored them and helped them through the process.

Shirttail Creek Farm eggs and meat can be found at Central Market and other small grocery stores and markets.

You can learn more about the farm on their website, or check them out on Instagram.