Where in Chicago is Meghan Markle?

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Prince Harry's fiancee has been spotted around the city. (WLS)

Where in Chicago is Meghan Markle? Prince Harry's fiancee has been spotted around the city.

ABC 7 went out in search of the American actress and Northwestern University alum Friday, just hoping to catch a glimpse of that so-called "Markle sparkle."

Workers spotted her in the West Loop Thursday.

"She snuck in the back door and it was all secretive and she walked out right passed us and she was like, 'Goodbye, have a good day.'" said office receptionist Kenya Kruel. "She was just really nice and it was really awesome."

According to Kruel, Markle visited the visa office to square everything away with her UK papers before the wedding.
"She had a baseball cap on. She had her coat on. So, you really couldn't tell it was her. She was incognito," Kruel said. "But then we were like, 'That was Meghan Markle! That girl's marrying the prince!'"

But Markle is reportedly staying the weekend, so where is she now?

Is she at Buckingham Fountain? No, that's Clarence Buckingham. Wrong one!

She's probably staying inside on a dreary day like Friday the 13th.
We checked the Field Museum's Hall of Gems. It's fit for any princess, right?

"Yeah, this is one of the biggest places in the city where you can look at tons of diamonds and gems," said museum patron Chrissy Winnicki.

Plus, Speak Up for Science is happening tomorrow, so maybe she'll stop by?

But no, Markle was a no show in the hall of gems, so we tried the Art Institute.

She'd want to visit there, right? They just reopened their medieval art and armor wing.

Skunked again. Not even the knights in shining armor could point us in the right direction.
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