Hit songs of summers past

A good summer starts with a good jam. And you know these jams were good.
Remember that one song everyone sang at the pool the summer before your senior year? They just don't make 'em like they used to, do they?

Take a walk down memory lane with these hits, which clung to the Billboard number one spot during the dog days of summer.

"Chapel of Love," The Dixie Cups
This sweet marriage ditty ushered in a competitive summer packed with groups like the Beatles, the Beach Boys and the 4 Seasons jockeying for the number one spot.

"In The Year 2525," Zager and Evans
Though Bryan Adams sang about this summer as "the best days of my life," the biggest hit in July and August was a surprisingly dark pondering about the future.

"(You're) Having My Baby," Paul Anka and Odia Coates
This song helped newly pregnant women from getting overshadowed by all those summer weddings. Not to mention it's just plain adorable, which is probably how it got to be the only song all summer to stay on top for three weeks.

"Bad Girls," Donna Summer
This was the summer of Summer (though let's face it, if you grew up in the '70s you had more than one of those). This hit, riding on the tails of "Hot Stuff," kept Donna on fire for weeks.

"When Doves Cry," Prince
To call this just a summer hit would be as big of an understatement as saying the relationship in the song had hit a snag. Add the intriguing metaphor to the catchy backbeat and you've got yourself the biggest hit of the year.

"Right Here Waiting," Richard Marx
In another ultra-competitive summer, this simple but resolute ballad stood out from the crowd. No to mention it spoke to everyone with a lover "oceans apart."

"I Swear," All 4 One
Anyone who grew up in the Golden Age of boy bands will remember wishing they had someone to sing this to (or being thankful that they did).

"Genie in a Bottle," Christina Aguilera
The catchy tune launched this diva's career, and, let's face it, probably spiked ratings for Nick at Nite reruns of I Dream of Jeannie.

"Burn," Usher
Needed to get over a break-up so you could enjoy your summer? The heartthrob who ruled the charts in 2004 had a solution for you: Let it burn.

"I Gotta Feeling," The Black-Eyed Peas
I got a feeling you didn't realize this song was five years old. That's probably because it's just as perfect now to get pumped for a summer night out as it was then. No school tomorrow? Of course it'll be a good night.
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