Chicago shooting: Taco Bell shift manager says co-worker shot him over discipline for slacking off

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Monday, August 22, 2022
Chicago Taco Bell shift manager says co-worker shot him during dispute
A Taco Bell shift manager said a dispute with his co-worker turned into a shooting at the West Rogers Park, Chicago restaurant near Lincolnwood, IL.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Maurice Brown said a shooting at a Chicago Taco Bell all started because a co-worker, who had been disciplined by the store manager, thought he was responsible for the call-out.

Brown stood outside his home Monday, arm in a sling, still in disbelief. The 37-year-old shift manager was shot while on the job at a West Rogers Park Taco Bell near suburban Lincolnwood on Saturday night by a man he said was a disgruntled employee. The employee had been called out the day before for slacking off while on the job.

"The moment I addressed the issue and said, 'if you don't feel like working, you can clock out,' Immediately, all right, 'I'm going to clock out,' but at the same, reached in his bag, and I see the gun."

Brown said he tried to remove himself from the situation by walking towards the back door of the restaurant.

"As I'm going towards the back door, he's trying to hit me with the gun. I get out the door. He's still following me," Brown said. "We have other co-workers trying to break it all up, but something told me to run."

That's when Brown said he felt the gunshot go through his shoulder.

"The drive-thru is packed. We had cars literally in the drive thru-line. So, I got away from him and wiggled my way around. And everybody's running," Brown said.

So far, neither police nor Taco Bell have acknowledged this was a workplace shooting.

"We are shocked and saddened to hear that this happened. We understand that the franchise owner and operator of this location is working with the local authorities in their investigation. Our thoughts are with the manager who was injured, and we are grateful that they are okay," Taco Bell's statement said, in part.

Brown, however, said he won't be okay until the man he says shot him is arrested.

"Put it out there. It is what it is. That's the gentleman. That is it," Brown said.

Brown said he does want to return to work at Taco Bell, but has asked for a transfer to a different location.