'Plowz' app sends snowplows directly to your driveway

CHICAGO (WLS) -- There's a new app called "Plowz", where you can actually get a snowplow to come directly to your house.

"You enter a few things of information - driveway length, driveway width. It calculates an exact price. From there, it gets dispatched to the closest plow provider," said Wills Mahoney, Plowz co-founder.

This is the first year for the service in the Chicago area, but according to at least one contractor, it's getting pretty good reviews.

"It's a nice supplement to my existing customer base. Especially if I'm out in different cities, I can check the app and see if there's something close," said Tim Turner, Turner Lawn Care.

And for snow plow operators, Sunday's snow storm has meant some very long hours.

"I worked 42 hours straight. So I finally went to bed at 2:30 this morning and I got up at 9. So, a few hours of sleep and I'm already out there plowing again," Turner said.

Beverly Morgan was stuck inside her house until having her driveway cleared earlier Tuesday.

"A lot of them won't do a driveway. They'll just do large parking lots and things like that, so I was glad to have him here because I can't do this," Morgan said.

So once the roads are plowed and salted, where does all of that snow from the February blizzard go?

The city is using over 70 different locations to dump the snow, including the big parking lots at U.S. Cellular Field.
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