Teen trapped in car under power line for hours stays put as crews rescue him

GROVE CITY, Ohio -- One teenager did the right thing when a power line fell on his car.

The Ohio teen stayed put for hours after severe weather brought down a pole on his car, WSYX reports. The teen told the station he saw the poles coming down and tried to swerve but couldn't get out of the way.

You should always wait for a power crew to handle downed wires, AccuWeather advises.

In this case, no one who was trapped got hurt. The teen, who was one of several people who got trapped by the downed poles, said he knew what to do thanks to his dad.

"My dad's an electrician and he's taught me a couple things about electricity," he said. "I knew that if I got out of that car. there's a pretty high chance, if I touched something, I wasn't going to end up too well."
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