Chicago man arrested 22 times for driving on revoked license

RIVERSIDE, Ill. (WLS) -- Alfredo Luna, 62, was arrested for the 22nd time for driving on a revoked license after he was stopped for speeding in west suburban Riverside on Wednesday.

A police officer pulled Luna over in the 3500-block of South Harlem Avenue around 8:40 a.m. Wednesday after his 2002 Acura was clocked traveling 56 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone.

When the officer asked to see Luna's driver's license, he said he didn't have one. The officer checked Luna's driving record, which showed that his license was revoked in 2003 after a series of DUI convictions.

Since then, Luna was arrested 21 times for driving on a suspended or revoked license. Wednesday's arrest made it 22. Riverside police seized his car.

Luna, of the 2500-block of North Newland Avenue in Chicago, was charged with felony aggravated driving on a revoked license, aggravated speeding and driving without car insurance.

"He has one of the worst driving records I've ever seen and he just completely disregards and keeps driving. There were times by his own admission that he was back in the car within two to three hours of an arrest," said Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel.

Riverside's police chief says it too often happens that motorists who get pinched on a suspended or revoked license get a slap on the wrist and they're on their way. He's proposing legislative action that if someone is stopped four or more times for no valid license, they should face a mandatory felony charge. Weitzel thinks after four times, there ought not be room for an officer's discretion.

"Based on a DUI, the police officer does not have the right to write him a ticket and walk out the door - that the police officer would be mandated to upgrade that to the habitual stage I'm proposing that would make it a felony," Weitzel said.

The Secretary of State's office says it'd be happy to listen to ideas for stiffer sanctions, but also says there are some tough tools now for DUI and habitually bad drivers, including a provision that allows police departments to confiscate their cars.

Riverside police have confiscated Luna's car, and are starting civil action to permanently take it from him. That kind of action can present complications if the owner or family depends on a car for work or school, but Riverside says Luna is the sole title holder, and his record warrants a tough response.

Luna is now in the Cook County Jail, now charged with a felony.

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