Waukesha parade trial judge rests defense after repeated disruptions; closing arguments Tuesday

Darrell Brooks is accused of killing 6, injuring dozens more when he allegedly drove into Waukesha Christmas parade

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Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Latest coverage from the Waukesha parade attack trial
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Latest coverage from the Waukesha parade attack trial

WAUKESHA, Wis. (WLS) -- A Wisconsin judge determined Monday the suspect in the Waukesha Christmas parade trial would rest his defense, after he was unable to produce a witness to testify. Closing arguments will be made Tuesday.

Monday's proceedings began with Brooks again arguing with Judge Jennifer Dorow, and she placed him in another room.

Latest coverage from the Waukesha parade attack trial (1 of 23)

After refusing to answer the judge's questions about any additional witnesses, Dorow determined the defense would rest, and jury instructions would be read ahead of closing arguments.

Brooks is accused of driving into the Waukesha Christmas parade route last year, killing six people and injuring more than 60 others.

Brooks, who has no legal training, is representing himself at the trial. He has repeatedly disrupted the court proceedings with defiant and outlandish behavior.

Judge Jennifer Dorow broke for lunch early Friday after Brooks got into a heated exchange with her for about 30 minutes.

Latest coverage from the Waukesha parade attack trial (1 of 23)

'Stop it! Stop it!': Wisconsin parade attack suspect yells at judge

Waukesha parade attack suspect Darrell Brooks yelled at the trial judge after questioning his ex-girlfriend.

When the proceedings resumed, Brooks was again removed from the courtroom and placed somewhere else.

Brooks later returned to the courtroom and stared Dorow down after arguing with her again.

'Frankly, it makes me scared': Wisconsin parade attack suspect stares down judge

Waukesha parade attack suspect Darrell Brooks had a "stare-down" with the judge, who said it made her scared.

Dorow then said she needed to take a break.

"Frankly, it makes me scared," Dorow said.

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Brooks returned, but Dorow later removed him from court again after he accused her of lacking integrity.

"How can you even call yourself a judge?" Brooks yelled at Dorow.

WATCH | Waukesha parade attack suspect gives opening statement

Waukesha parade attack suspect Darrell Brooks delivers his own opening statement to the jury. Brooks is representing himself in the trial.

District Attorney Susan Opper rested her case after 2 1/2 weeks of testimony, including from multiple police officers and others who attended the parade. They variously testified that they saw the SUV enter the parade, were hit by the SUV or saw Brooks behind the wheel.

Brooks then gave a tearful opening statement as he defended himself at trial but didn't outline any defense theories that might save him from prison.

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WATCH | Darrell Brooks rants that case should be dismissed

Waukesha parade attack suspect Darrell Brooks went on a tirade for 50 minutes Thursday morning, arguing that the case should be dismissed.

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