Weekend Watch: Lax oversight of Ill. nuclear power plants

CHICAGO (WLS) -- You can read the full Better Government Association story online at bettergov.org.

In response to this segment, Exelon released a statement saying, "Exelon Generation's nuclear fleet has one of the best safety records in the industry, and nuclear energy is by far the safest source of large-scale power generation. Differing opinions during NRC design and safety reviews are not only encouraged, they are expected. Because safety is our highest priority, Exelon Generation does not tolerate any discrimination or retaliation against anyone who raises safety concerns, and in fact, we encourage an open and questioning dialogue around safety. To suggest otherwise does a disservice to the thousands of Illinois nuclear employees working to ensure public health and safety in the communities we serve. At Exelon Generation, we are committed to operating our plants safely and responsibly, being a good neighbor and supporting our local communities. Exelon Generation provided detailed information on key aspects of the story to the BGA, but those facts were not included. Get all the facts at www.exeloncorp.com/safe-transparent-environmentally-conscious.
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