What is 'doxxing?' How to protect yourself from scammers after your social media, messages

ByJason Knowles and Ann Pistone WLS logo
Sunday, May 8, 2022
How to protect yourself from doxxing
What is doxxing? How to protect yourself and your social media accounts from scammers.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Over 43 million Americans have personally experienced "doxxing."

Yet, many people don't know what Doxxing is. In short, it's when an internet troll or a scammer obtains your social media posts, messages, documents or pictures to embarrass or blackmail you. According to a new Safehome report, one in four of the "Doxxers" know their targets.

You should:

- Beware of what you're posting, even if your settings are on private. Especially beware of making inappropriate comments or declaring strong political opinions.

- Practice good internet citizenship. Be careful of what you post. If you wouldn't want your boss or family seeing it, maybe think twice before hitting send.

- Make sure you have a strong passwords on your cloud, social media sites and WiFi network.

- Use Virtual Private Networks to guard devices on public connections.