Wolcott College Prep robotics team's designs inspired by Star Wars

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Thursday, May 5, 2022
Star Wars inspires high school robotics team's creations
Wolcott College Prep robotics team showed off some of their creations inspired by Star Wars, including a prototype respirator.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Since Luke Skywalker first stared off into the distance at the twin suns of Tatooine, wishing for more, the world has been enraptured and inspired by Star Wars.

That includes the Bionic Wolves robotics team at Wolcott College Prep.

"I personally really like Rey. She's like one of my favorite characters," said Bionic Wolves team member and Wolcott College Prep student Zsofia.

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"I was really inspired by different ships," said Matthew, also a part of the Bionic Wolves team.

Coach Kenny Bae said at the school, all students have learning differences that are celebrated.

"I'm just so thankful to be part of their journey when they come here and we're all learning from each other, building these things, being innovative, really helping the world to be a better place and using your learning style to your advantage," Bae said.

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Some of their creations are inspired by Star Wars, like a spherically-shaped robot. It's similar to one characters Luke and Rey use for light saber training and designed to be maneuvered in the air.

Or one inspired by the Jawa Sandcrawler, which will eventually be used to help older people grab items they can't reach.

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Zsofia said she is passionate about involving more young women in STEM.

"I just wanted to inspire all the girls out there to become an engineer and join the robotics field, because I think that girls are also capable of doing this," she said.

Maybe most important is the prototype respirator the team created during the height of COVID, earning them recognition by Lucasfilm and Star Wars Kids Youtube Channel.

"It may not go in the hospital, but that's not the point," Bae said. "The point is we want to inspire our students to be the next generation of STEM leaders."

"I kind of feel pride about that about how something that I helped make can maybe one day change the world in a better way," said Wolcott College Prep student Justin.