Newly released videos show suspected shooter minutes before opening fire on woman in Fulton River District

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Two newly released videos show the alleged gunman inside a bike shop minutes before he's suspected to have opened fire on a woman in Chicago's Fulton River District Wednesday.

The woman remains hospitalized Thursday morning. The shooting occurred around 11:50 a.m. in the in the 200-block of North Milwaukee Avenue, west of the Chicago River.

The owners of the bicycle store said the suspected shooter came in to get a flat tire fixed at around 11:05 a.m. Wednesday. They said the man seemed calm and not in a hurry. He's seen on surveillance video sticking around the shop for about 40 minutes.

The man seemed to be in good spirits, and appeared to want to do much of the repair work himself. At one point he grabs a paper towel to wipe away sweat. Later, he turns to the camera and you can catch a glimpse of his face as he reaches for a sip of his drink.

The drinks appears to be the same cup or bottle strapped to his backpack as he heads towards Milwaukee Avenue. Within minutes after leaving the store, police said the suspect rode his electric bike to the busy Fulton River District area and shot a 28-year-old woman in the back.

"Based on the information we have right now, the shooter passed by a group of individuals and went directly to her to extend his arm and fired one single gunshot," said Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson. "Witnesses have said the shooter didn't say anything prior to opening fire on the victim."

The woman was walking to lunch with coworkers when she was shot.

While police are working under the theory that the woman was targeted, detectives have said that it's looking less likely that there's a workplace-related motive. The victim works in the human resources department for a nearby financial firm.

Police said there's nothing in the victim's social or personal history that would raise red flags.

Workers at the bike shop described the man as calm, and on the video he's chatty and even smiling as he pays with cash.

With over a dozen cameras in the area, police hope the surveillance footage will help catch the shooter.

Police released surveillance video Wednesday night of the suspected shooter, who was dressed in all black. He's also captured by multiple cameras wearing a black baseball cap and white gym shoes.

Police said the amount of tips coming in is encouraging.

Two Union Pacific Railroad workers were standing on the track above the scene when they heard gunshots.

"So that's when we looked down from the rails and seen there was a white female on the ground," said witness Everett McGee.

McGee said the victim looked like she was wearing business attire.

"And you know, it's like twelve o'clock in the afternoon. Nobody expects anything like that," McGee said.
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