Work from home tips: With COVID-19 pandemic, is your workplace ready to go remote?

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Cyber security experts say if your workplace doesn't have a plan in place to have employees work from home, now is the time to create an action plan.

Technology experts at Nexum, Inc. are used to working on computers both in and outside of the office. But cyber security engineer Chandler Howell says many companies aren't even close to being prepared for the effects of COVID-19 and what it means for their employees.

"They're frequently finding that the capability that they have in place are either inadequate or in some cases more or less nonexistent," Howell said.

From software that may not work outside of the office to communication protocols, Howell and his team have been working to get businesses up to speed.

"So that they aren't being impacted if they can't get people in the office due to self-quarantining...childcare for children who can't go to school or just commuting especially on public transit.

He says businesses should be asking the following questions:

  • Is our software updated?

  • Can our employees have all of the contact information they need if they run into a problem?

  • Do our employees have all of the contact information they need if they run into problems?

  • How many people can log into programs at once?

  • "These are pieces that a lot of organizations don't think about. It's called business continuity planning," Howell said.

Companies are adapting everyday as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, but Howell says waiting for the "right time" to address these questions would be a huge mistake.

"This is what every company should be thinking about," Howell said. "What will we do if we're forced to close our offices."

Howell says communication is another huge factor companies need to consider. Some industries rely heavily on face-to-face interaction.

He says making sure you have a good video system in place is essential, especially if you're dealing with topics that are difficult to understand in simply an email.
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